If my Teeth Rot Out.....I'll make my own implants/Dentures!'

This might be the first time I'm actually a little positive on this website. No, I HATE Dentists, and that's not too strong a word. Not because it's painful, not because I'm scared, maybe a LITTLE bit because it's expensive, but otherwise, because these people are lying, thieving, stealing, scummbags!

In my entire adult life between 20 and 40 years old, I've been to the dentist maybe FIVE times. And thankfully, I'm blessed with good genetics (here's that "positivity" comin' at ya'). No root canals, no dentures, no implants, just a bunch of bullshit upselling I don't really need in between cleanings, and 4 "cavities" that probably were not even cavities. My spouse, on the other fucking hand, has been basically raped in every concievable hole by dentists figuratively enough I'm surprised it's not LITERAL.

The first thing they do is rope you in with a "free" cleaning! Even if you're there with someone else in your care, they'll try and suck you in with "well, why not get it done now". And these pricks won't take "no" for an answer either! Seriously, you need to yell at them to the point that the police are called just to get these bastards to respect your denial of consent for dental work, especially that which you don't even fucking need!

Of course, everyone wants to link up on social media these days, so if you're very friendly, they'll get their cutest woman in the office to invite you to be Facebook friends, or Instachat buddies, or whatever - you just got to give that Google Review, that positive google review before they even bothered to do fuck all with your mouth! Look bitches, I'm not here at your dental practice to fucking talk about how pretty your waiting room is, I"M HERE TO GET DENTAL WORK/MAINTENANCE DONE!!!!! And I speak for all of us sitting in this waiting room, waiting in line to see how much you give us an itemized listing of our supposed work, and then change the figure so you can suck more out of us once the insurance denies your fucking feeble attempts at insurance fraud!

And the reason I mention this is it does not matter how "pro-active" you are with these shitheads, they'll always find another way to fuck you - like a chad fuckboy giving dad's alcohol cabinet to the head of the cheerleader squad so he can rape her when she passes out! I know, I'm being "colorful with this - but American Dentistry DESERVES it after my experiences with them! There's not a fucking dentist on this planet past my time at the qage of 18 that deserves my respect or business!

Sometimes you might sit in their office for hours while they dance around in back like little bunny foo-foo - like there's nobody there waiting for service. I took an HOUR off work for you to fuck around and have my boss calling/texting me where the fuck I'm at while you're in back talking about your baby pictures. Seriously fuck you! All I do is sit in back.

Nice try on the corporate vs. local crap too. You don't even KNOW who the local companies are anymore, because the local company just might really be a corporate company who bought the trademarks to your local dentist so they can disguise it as a "local dentist" when in reality they're just a stats farm full of dental school failures pretending to be "professionals" while playing in your mouth with sharp tools for a King's Ransom. And even then, the first dentist I had in my life WAS local, and they got shut down by the dental board because they had been practicing without a license for about six years of the six years I was going to them AS A FUCKING KID!!!!

And god help you if some company whose a bigger fish just ate them! Because now Johnson Orthodonics Dental and Peridontal will upsell you on the latest service that they just obtained so you can be their beta test and playground for their service. And if they can't actually do it, it's half-done and you're fucked! The place I went before the last one kept upselling everyone on FUCKING BRACES because Brident Orthodontics bought them out! What the fuck!?!? I HAD BRACES WHEN I WAS FOURTEEN! I DON'T NEED FUCKING BRACES! FUCK THE FUCK OFF!!! ALL I DID WAS COME IN HERE FOR A CLEANING, AND YOU FUCKS ARE HERE TRYING TO GET ME TO PAY THE PRICE OF A BRAND NEW TESLA MODEL S SO YOU CAN GLUE SOME SHIT TO MY TEETH THAT YOU WON'T EVEN HAVE AUTHORITY TO REMOVE BY THE TIME IT COMES DUE, LET ALONE THAT I DON'T EVEN FUCKING NEED, WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU FUCKING PEOPLE!?!?!?

And apparently, dentistry loves hiring Minorities or other races now soley for the purpose that they can flip the race card or minority card on you the minute you have a migiving about their service or their lies! Look, I don't give a rats ass what color/gender/orientation you are - I just want you to do your fucking job! And now the fact you are ruining good causes to save your job only REFLECTS BADLY ON ALL THE SHIT YOU CLAIM TO BE! For all I know you're an American disowned by mexican immigrants, pretending to be whatever the flavor of the week is so you can counter-sue if I sue your practice for malpractice. Fuck, I'm sure they're pretend to be a Middle Eastern Drag Queen just to have a card to flip when the angry guy starts to flip his lid over their fucking incessant lying and bullshit!

And I just got 4 "cavities" filled, my fucking mouth hurts still, they had to stick a fucking needle in me 50 times to numb up my jaw properly - and this was the TEACHEr not the student dentist - and now I can't enjoy any of the food I used to, and have to be careful how I rest my jaw, because it hurts. Seriously - I'm done with fucking dentists.' Fuck dentists, fuck the dental industry, fuck the ADA, fuck all the alphabet goverment orgs - hell, let's throw a "Fuck America" in there while were at it - after all, this is a part of our lazy, incompetant, and stupid leadership in this fucking country. Because they're too busy taking kick-backs and taking an interest in their own personal shit to give the fuck about anyone but themselves....hey, why not just say fuck the planet.