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What!?!? You're upset, let alone surprised, that I'd have a page that's a testament to my own personal human laziness? Well, actually, this is just my webpage template so I don't have to rewrite an entire 20 mile long HTML code. But hey, maybe I'll explain a few things here - AGAIN - because people probably did not bother to read (then why are you here? What do you think this is, a fucking didgital See-and-Say!?!?). First off, this website looks like 1997 called and wanted their website back because I'm too fucking lazy to throw on "CSS Style Sheets". For the type of site I'm making here, I'm not looking to put a lot of effort into it. Especially since I risk drawing the ire of, oh, just about EVERYONE posting the things I do and will post here! SEcondly, and more importantly, this site is about READING. So if you're allergic to being able to read, or your reading comprehension is under a 2nd grade level, then you probably should read something more up your alley - like Dr. Seuss! I am a cat, I don't have a hat, I like to cuss, I don't ride the bus, I don't like to drink, I don't like to Smoke, I don't like to Toke, but I do like to fuck, but I totally suck, or maybe not, you be the judge - and if you want to bother me with bullshit e-mails...GOOD FUCKING LUCK!!