Women are Fucking Crazy!
Not all of them.....but I'd say roughly 97% of them are these days at least...

    I was born the son of a single mother who was a downright lunatic.  I grew up in a predomianantly female household where I had to listen to - from an early age - how men "need to be trained".  I was a teenager in the hyper-feminist Grunge culture where if you were not with them, you were against them, and by with them, that meant, if she wanted to do heroin while standing on one foot with a babydoll dress while trying to run a teenage presidential campaign - then you followed along with it no matter how little you believed the whole fucking thing was actually WORTH a damn!

    This also meant spending an entire life, like most men today, or boys, being treated like a second class citizen for being born with a fucking penis - like that's going to change anything.  Seriously, feminism has fucking failed women, because they lost sight of what the original intent of it was - EQUALITY FOR ALL!  I think it needs to be relabled as Feminazi-ism and left in the past to rot along with the cogniac drinking wife-beater orange-sack husbands of the 1950's.  How in fucking hell does womankind expect to succeed in their mission when they are just commiting another version of the same shit that lead to Feminism in the first fucking place!?!?

And P.S. - if you think I'm not going to haul off on my OWN gender......you've got another thing coming too!!! A whole other page for it!

    I spent about 40 years of my life simping for Feminazis and their slowly more corrupted ideals.  Seriously, I've seen malware with less corruption than this horseshit!  Now it's at a point that if a woman is taking a dump out a window with a bottle of jack in her hand and a needle in her arm - then "Wooooooo, feminism, I am woman, hear me roar! I'm so in charge of my life (not the alcohol, heroin, or obvious disrespect for other creatures on the fucking planet)!!!

    It starts with the mother.  Most likely, if you are a kid of a single mom, she's still mad at your biological father because of some shit he did, and if not him, some other man previously in her life that she still has decided it's worth holding onto a grudge and not letting go until her dying day!  It seems the idea of the CHILDREN bearing witness to this shit goes entirely out the fucking window! Well guess what PARENTS - we - YOUR FUCKING KIDS ARE FUCKING WATCHING!!!!!  And you know what, we DO alter our behavior to appease to your feminist ideals, but apparently, that just is not enough for us male kids huh? Huh? What, catlady syndrome got your tongue!?!?

    Because of this, many of us grow up to be what society now calls "incels" - honestly, if I was single tomorrow, I'd be a V-CEL - because honestly, there's no pussy on the planet that's worth what I'd have to put up with just to find it.  My generation of dating - Millennials - sucks ass!  These women are self-entitled, bitchy, bossy, self-important, and look at men as a walking paycheck whose lazy and irresponsible - as a manchild, because he does not look like whatever celebrity she's getting wet over reading Cosmopolitan or People this week! And his hobbies are video games and not "Bro Grinding" for his investment portfolio.

    But once you do find a decent one, lookout.  Seriously, women are lower fidelity in my generation than a mono record pressed out of used candle wax, and being played back by a knitting needle and a toilet paper tube!  Seriously, my first kiss was a woman cheating on her fiance, my first fuck was a woman who lied about her age  - revealed months later, my first one night stand was a car-jacker, and my wife was too nice to everyone but me and let herself get driven slowly into madness BECAUSE OF OTHER FUCKING WOMEN!!!! So tell me how "mature" "responsible" "grown up" and well behaved women are - FUCK THAT NOISE.

    And one thing I must tell you guys, my mom was right about one thing, you'll deal with the same shit with your female/male relationships later in life that you did with a single mom!  The same mental incongruency applies!

    She'll lie to you, tell you you can sleep in, then wake you up at 10 minutes after your regular workday time, lie about what time it is, and tell you you're "a stupid male" because you don't read the fucking clock that she never showed you.  The name of this game, guys, is that the dumb bitch wants you to think she's always right - even if she's wrong - gaslighting basically.  Even if the intent is not to make you feel like you are becoming somewhat prey to a maternity or pussy based psychosis, that's what it does to you.

    She will whittle you down over the years.  Everything becomes your fault, because you are a man! And guess what, she's got EVERYONE ELSE on her damn side too.  YOur teachers, the school system, the councilor, your other classmates, the rest of your family, her co-workers, her friends, her family - everyone, and you, as the unwitting owner of a cock, have to put up with all this shit, or the police get called!  Because if you're covered in bite marks and bruises, whose going to listen to you? Certainly not the white knight in the Ford Explorer with the red and blue flashy lights on top of it! He wants to fuck her while you're in jail awaiting your supposed "innocent till proven guilty" sentence - and I use that as lightly as I would treading in an area full of poison ivy!

    Everything is on her schedule, and her clock! The chores, your work, your commute - everything - and if anything does not fit up to her (often unrealistic expectations), then you're in trouble.  She'll whine to her sister that you're not answering her texts, she'll whine to her co-workers about her "insolent devil child", she'll complain to her friends about that lazy jerkoff who does no chores because he chose to do the dishes AFTER dinner like a *normal* person!  Because you cannot possibly be at work to - *gasp* - WORK!  Oh no, it's supposed to be like a call center for the women in your life! Just drop everything for the pussy and the matriarch!  Because nothing else matters - after all, they carry the children - unless you're smart like me, and choose not to have them.

    And seriously, women on mind altering substances are the worst.  Alcoholics, drug addicts, and potheads a plenty in the Gen Y Segment!  Seriously, I almost think the new symbol of "Feminism" should be a hippopotamus with JAundice and Ascities! (Just wait till I rant about Alcoholism!).  Seriously, I've met women who would make Rick James go "whoah woah woah woah, now hold on a moment - you're gonna' kill yerself!".  Some of them it almost seems like they have gardening tools soley because they must have a scrooge McDuck sized mountain of cocaine hidden somewhere bought with stolen boyfriend funds for the groceries!

    And while you might imagine this is some kind of Bible Belt Meth-Park Trailer Trash I'm talking about here, fuck no! It's regular women who dress in pantsuits and look like they make $75K or more a year!  This is because if you have a pussy, you can find a free ride anywhere!

    Because if someone isn't going to fuck you in return, they're going to take pity on you because to human beings, the most disasterous thing, is a pretty woman in trouble.  It's a damn shame, I agree, but just because she's got a figure that makes you go "daaaaammmn!" does not mean she's immune to accountability or responsibility for anything - unless you're exactly the kind of guy that Feminism was supposed to be fighting against from day one - the opportunist dickhead looking for a wet pussy at any price.  At that point, why not just move to Nevada and go find the Mustang ranch and go fuck some willing phillies there, it might even be less expensive.

    And women are FUCKING expensive, and they lie about it too.  Have you ever tried to have a relaxing evening at home with a missus when the fridge is darn near bare and the bank account is almost empty? She'll be crying for taco bell like a wounded kitten for hours while you're online digging through your fucking credit cards looking for one that's not near over-limit to charge a stupid $32 dinner out with!  Oh yeah, you come home with one fun thing for the first tim ein 10 years, it's curtains for you - because yiou're the guy, but she can come home with fifty purses and nobody bats an eye, because she's a woman - bTW, that purse looks GREAT with your eye color!

    And once you're older and you try to get out of the relationship either she takes you for everything you fucking own as a man, or you have to resolve yourself to just living with the nightmare that is a relationship with a crazy person.  So then you have to start learning to just shut up and suffer in silence, because that's what it is.

    Basically put, just do what she tells you, when she tells you, and have no life of your own.  Just passively follow her around on whatever she wants, and then just tolerate her incessant bitching when you seem not to be as enthusiastic about the same shit she has.

    And that's a crazy part about women.  One minute they act like they are HAPPY you're an individual, think for yourself, and have your own life outside of the relationship.  The next minute, they act like you are a selfish asshole because you are an individual who thinks for themselves and has their own life outside the relationship - and then she assumes you're cheating, and then hopefully feels like a fucking idiot when going to the office is actually you going to the damn office because you've buried yourself so far into your job to feel like you're doing something right that you are now in charge of a bunch of shit you don't really want to be in charge of, but are in charge of because you excel at your job because it's the only thing as a man that's making you feel like you are moving forward.

    And then, hopefully, you die early, because you're a man, and you have to do all the risky shit the woman does not *need* to do because "there's a man around".  Oh yeah, killing the pests around the house: hornets, wasps, bees, black widow spiders, brown recluses, snakes, oppossums, raccoons!  Oh yeah, fixing up the car, and then she complains when you walk inside looking like the lochness monster if he hit that legendary Exxon spill! Fixing all the shit in the house and wining about adhesives, sawdust, and anything else ACTUALLY FUCKING IVOLVED IN FIXING SOMETHING!!!  You're the one driving all the road trips, doing all the oil changes, fixing the garbage disposal, wading through poop to unclog the toilet, de-icing the broken HVAC, fixing the network, doing the dishes because she finds the food that you ate covering the plates "gross", cleaning the litter box, taking the dog out to poop, doing all the yucky, ugly, smelly, dirty things guys do, and don't complain about.

    But still, you're the pariah, because you have a dick and balls from birth. I'm so tired of this shit.  This is why I'm an antinatalist.