Misanthropy For Dummies & *Normies*

Life is not a gift, it's a curse. And the further I go through life, the more I start to believe it. Especially huamn life. We act like we are this uber-intelligent species above everything else, but our "intelligence" is only for the very few and far between, and most of those people were born with a silver spoon in hand and the best opportunities available to them - assuming the human belief in "the best" is actually correct.

And a lot of fucking people have an over-inflated sense of intelligence and self worth, all because of a name, a title, or some kind of social thing bestowed upon them by other hairless apes that walk this planet. Truth is, we're ALL Stupid, we don't know everything, and the vast majority of is really DON'T know anything.

If humanity had any intelligence, we'd stop kidding ourselves, and stop breeding! We have 8 billion people on the planet, and not even a overblown pandemic could wipe us out. Honestly, the people it NEEDED to really wipe out - these lunatic fringe conservative conspiracy theorists, even they did not get wiped off the face of the planet. If there's one thing I've learned about us Anthropod Parasites upon the planet, it's that we are harder to kill than Cockroaches. Most people believe when ragnarok comes the only thing left will be Roaches and Keith Richards....well, Keef might still be here, but I think our dumb luck and resiliant stuff will just mutate us into something worse - those of us who survive.

Now before you peg me as some kind of pinko left-wing commie, I'll have you know I don't like EITHER side politically and I'm sick of both sides. But that's another rant for this site. Socialism and Communisim is a lot like Lord of the Flies - it would work if the people doing it were not children. Most of these are just made up buzzwords by politicans to go over the top of yet another low-key dictatorship - kind of like our "democracy" in America. Tell me now, in a Democracy? In a *FREE* Country, would we ban Abortions? Would we be burning books and putting limits on our natural human "rights", would we be asking the goobermint to take care of more crap for us because we're too scared to take care of crap ourselves without needing someone else to bug us about it?

This brings up GOD. I don't believe in god, I don't call myself anything TBH, not even atheist. Because what's the point!?!? We really DO NOT KNOW what comes after life, or if there even IS an after life. To the happy go lucky people who have been sheltered and led around like sheep their whole lives, it's easy to believe anything positive, because I think I've figured out, most "happy" people in life have some ultra-significant party behind them pulling the strings and making it easier for them, often without them realizing or knowing it. Honestly, I think most people just can't stand to believe they don't know the future - but the truth is, you already don't.

But still, we'll blow each other to smithereens because one person does not have the same imaginary friend that another person has. It's fucking stupid. As far as I'm concerned, Religion is one of the top pillars of why humanity is a disease upon this planet. Basically, we're doing the same shit as adults that a 4 year old will do claiming their imaginary friend stuck the scissors in the light socket.

I think a lot of humanity is driven by morbid obsessions. Obsessions with pain and suffering, as a form of punishment, often as a form of atoning for whatever "sins" we committed previously in our own lives. We, as a species, tend to shift the blame to other people, as a distraction to hide our own personal internal issues from others, and some of those issues are actually SYMPTOMS of ills with the human condition that could probalby be cured if we bettered ourselves as a species. But we refuse to, it's too comfortable, and a lot of us are too old and stuck in our ways.

This really makes me question whether our advancement from "Animal-hood" - because lets face it, Humans are Animals - was really worth it. We went from short lives where the only entertainment was improvised fun and breeding, to long lives nearly 100 years long, where a small few get to live comfortably with minimal effort, and the rest of us have to struggle and toil in various broken, human-created systems every day to ensure our ability to survive tolerably.

The Millennial fucktards around me call this "Adulting", I call it "survival", actual adults just call it "life" - as far as I'm concerned, if I'm just "surviving", then what actual GOOD does all these systems do for us? It seems more like a worthless set of exchanges created by our species as a form of a Trojan Horse Grand Champion of "Time Wasting".

I get up in the morning and do all this human appearance stuff for a JOb that fills 8+ hours of the weekday, only to come home and have to work some more cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, doing chores, organizing events, taking care of things - and being whined at that I'm "not doing enough" by another human the whole time, all the while I'm tired, resless, pissed off, losing focus by the hour, and growing increasingly angry with everyone. Meanwhile I have to periodically leave the house to put up with even more hairless apes who think they are in the right and I'm in the wrong, when in truth, I"m beginning to wonder if the WHOLE DAMN THING IN WRONG!

And since we don't have family farms, hunting, kids to create (because the other one died last week doing something stupid), or other personal things to take care of in a home that's not overwatched by some kind of Digital Assistant and low-key monitored by a local and federal government, as well as by everyone we know via social media, especiallyy in America, you need some kind of "rat race" to join outside of employment - a "hobby" or a "side hustle".

And all of these rat races are technically the same, they are created to act as a social network of sorts - like the subject is the network protocol, and your associates in it - aka "Friends" are actually just clients on a giant social network filled with various forms of lost packets and dropped connections because humans are more fickle than technology is. And of course, these networks all have an unspoken, unwritten set of cues and rules that make you an outcast to it immediatley if you don't follow it like some kind of circle jerk or echo chamber. Standing for something on your own is the hardest thing to do as a human, and basically, everyone puts you as a weirdo - even for asenine shit like using a different T-shirt brand or playing a different brand guitar from the other guy! It's fucking stupid.'

You know whan I'm happiest, hanging around the mountains, alone, or hanging out alone somewhere, away from people, because people are a problem. It would be one thing if we could agree to disagree, follow on facts actaully tangibly proven as fact, take an objective view of EVERYTHING, and express our issues in a MATURE and CONSTRUCTIVE manner.

But even the biggest, smartest person on the damn planet can't even do that. Oh, we love to talk like people - some even say that about me - that I'm so "chill" - no, I have just learned how to stew in my own anger on my own without pulling the strings that bring up the ire of some idiot ape in human clothing to tell me that the suns out, it's pretty, and everything is good (when it's actually not), or worse yet, say that everything sucks and tell me to shut the fuck up because I"m bumming out whatever stupid drug trip they are on to self-medicate their problems "away" (psst - guess what, they are still there, you're just ignoring them).

Hell, not even LOVE, fucking LOVE can save us from antagonizing each other on a daily basis. I married my fuckign soul mate, and even then, she can't stand my lack of emotion, cranky moods all the time, unwillingness to participate in her lying to safe face due to her insecurities. Just like I can't stand her impulive behavior, over-emotional responses to logical problems, and neediness for constant attention from everyone all the time. And so begins the fights where I"m a heartless bastard psychopath and she's a insecure moron who let's her emotions rule her behavior! But we still take care of each other regardless. That's how most relationships work, except for some very real, unspoken reason, we can perservere despite it all.

And the same shit with dating! Seriously, you could not pay me enough money to date again if I became single tomorrow. I'd rather be toothless, sick, and sitting in my own shit on Skid Row than live in that nightmare hellscape that is the dating pool again. The kind of fucked up women I've met in the dating pool should be enough scientific proof to prove your sexual orientation is determined at birth - because if I had a choice, I might have given being gay or even Trans a chance at this point. And considering how fucked up our species is, I can't understand why so many republicans have their heads stuck so far up their asses they cannot realize that maybe, just maybe, "god" makes "mistakes", or maybe even, he made LGTBQA+ to take care of all the kids who don't have a home because when your cheerleader doctor got knocked up by the Chad you want to be your beer buddy during the Superbowl, and you made her put the kid up for Adoption because you live in Hell the deep south, and were too pussy to get an abortion in another state - then maybe two people in a same sex relationship can raise your daughter's kid to be an upstanding citizen (hopefully, but not much hope there - orientation has fuck-all to do with how good or bad a person you are), unlike you.

Humans only crave 3 things I've noticed: Sex, Money, and Power. Give any one of them, and their ego grows like a Award winning pumpkin in some dubmfuck rural contest for oversized GMO'd produce! Those of us with other motivations are considered "insane" or "crazy" or "lazy". Apparnetly, in our species, the human condition is to spend your entire life huslin' for a mate, a Scrooge McDuck Money Bin, and the ability to bully other people around.

Sex is proof enough that humankind can't seem to separate themselves from their primal desires. So we created just-so stories about it with various "gods" and called it "religion". So now we have a bunch of sexually repressed human beings being told not to do the very thing that might make them actually relax and stop making this planet a hellhole for the rest of us! Threatened with hairy palms and oily eyebrows or whatever. If being alive has taught me anything, it's that humans are tremendously stupid when it comes to the taboo and restricted - until they actually toughen up and take a full, face-on, honest look at it, and see it for what it really is. I don't see it as embarassing, magical, or mystical - I see it for what it is, it just is! And you can make of it what you want, just stop making it malicious to others who don't share your views on it, got it!?!? Nobody's business who your sleeping with unless you're the other party sleeping with that person - Kapis!?!? Or maybe if you are sleeping with someone other than that person you are exclusive to! Or if you have an STD and you're about to fuck someone. Got it? I can't really spell it out more plainly than that.

Then comes money. I feel like Money, to humans, is one of our creations that works kind of like public school disciplinary actions! Basically put, humans can't agree on barter/trade, so a bunch of otherwise arbitrary judges called "Politicians" got together and decided that we should have a universal financial system for our region, and called it "money". Other places, learning of this new invention, adopted their own form of "money". But nobody had enough money most of the time, so they kept developing and creating an even more fancy and mathmatically draconian system that I"m thouroughly convinced even our own financial advisors and economists might not know what they are talking about at this point - now there's a scary thought! We somehow act like this stuff is like the "Air" we breathe when it's just an artificial value intended to compensate someone for their labors. Problem is, because of the above (sex), we have too many damn people, and not enough jobs for everyone. But with more people, the more likely we will find more talent in a given profession. But with more people, that means more people WITH that talent will fail to succeed, because they were picked over by someone, and not always necessarily the best qualified choice! So we have haves, and have nots, and that's how it's going to be, until our species dies out. And for some reason, we find immense joy in other people's misery, even if they don't deserve it! And finance is a HUGE part of that shit. The journalists eat it up with their viewers. The politicians use it to make up more bullshit laws telling you what you cannot do. The corporate world makes up even more bullshit policies that make getting things done even harder - all the while trying to push for FASTER MORE BIGGER productivity, and your own damn family even does it because of some dumb grudge whether it's you breaking your sister's Walkman at age 2, or because you misplaced mom's Yogurt maker when you were 15! And it makes shit so expensive - expecially with hyper-inflation now, post pandemic, when everyone whined about a labor shortage, but nobody was hiring, because they arleady had enough wingnuts trying to do shit over VPN and not show that they are actually browing LOLcats on Instagram! So they tried to hide their greed behind bullshit like "livable wage fees" and forced "tips" - well I have a "tip" for you, it ain't a tip when I have to choose between percentages! Especially when you won't pay a livable wage and Methhead steve screwed up the order again thinking the Lochness monster was living in the Fryer.

And lastly is power over all people. Human beings are the biggest collective of bullies on the planet. You know what I find ironic? The whole focus on childhood bullying now, and the techniques have not changed since I was in school. Basically put, they favor the bully, and shit on the outcast, the nerd, the dweeb, the dork, the kid. And they will lie to your face as that kid and tell you "I expected better from you, you're smart, you could have flipped it on them with humor" - yeah, and then you get pegged with that "nickname" of shithead or whatever for the rest of your young days - damaging for the psyche. This carries over to adulthood where now you're expected to handle your own shit. YOu know what, I'm almost to the point that I think a good, hard, swift, Knuckle Sandwhich to the face might be a good solution after all! It seems people when I was younger were a lot less badly behaved in general as adults, because now, they get away with all sorts of shit that would have laid you out on the floor with a bloody face! Seems Physical violence does actually fix shit. And it sucks, but it's the only way to put someone who has a superiority complex in their fucking place - which also sucks. Thing is now, the police are the bullying teachers in society, so they'll lay you down with a taser and put you in "detention" in a jail cell, and double that if you are any color other than white, or any other character trait they deem "abnormal" - like short haired girl, long haired guy, smells like incense, or does not look like they make over $100K a year.

Which brings me back around to human beliefs! We have some of the dumbest beliefs on the planet.

First off, skin color is just THAT. The reason anyone rags on your skin color, is because of some dumb belief that CULTURE is a skin color. You can't have it both ways. Thankfully this is dying off as the old biggoted boomers die. But it's still aproblem for some people who feel the need to be "all hard an' shit" past the age of 18, and it's still a problem for some people because "I'm a white cracker who thinks everythin's gotta' be god, guuns, dawgs, an' footbawl!". HOnestly, can you just shut the hell up. So fucking what if the guy from another country called you an "Infidel"....he's an immature shithead thinking just because you don't believe the same shit as him, you're less of a person for it. As far as I'm concerned, I think EVERYONE is less of a person now - hence why I think the human race should just die out and give another civiliation a turn.

Secondly, Orientation - IDGAF. Who you sleep with is YOUR business, not mine. But then these idiot republitards go off on books about butt sex in school libarries - then why don't they SHOW this shit! Why don't they OPEN the damn pages and show me that some drag queen is writing books about pedophilia that are turning up in public schools! What? You can't, THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP! I know it's a delicate subject in YOUR mind, but there's a time where PROOF is more important than MORALITY! But hey, you blindly believe in a magical man on a cloud who loves you but will stick a firey rapestick up your ass for eternity because you wore a hat to church and did not express to repent to your imaginary cloudman! So your arguement does not hold water....NEXT!

Then comes our dumbass classism. Did it ever occur to you that maybe people live DIFFERENTLY Than you do? Not everyone grew up in a white picket fence household with both parents, loving siblings, a Lexus and a Range Rover in the driveway, a silver spoon in their mouth, and a lifetime of high-level experiences all the middle class sycophants love you for what you have while you conveniently ignore them! Meanwhile, these haves antagonize everyone elsw with the financial system and sometimes even policies, regulations, and social shit. Then they wonder why all the poor, homeless, and other downtrodden who still have enough sanity left to function coherently want to see the rich burn, and maybe even the middle class. Humans have this fucked up thing where they act above someone else all because their bank account might SEEM bigger than yours. When it means nothing. I've been struggling to start a business, get an education, and all that shit, for almost 30 years now - eventually you realize the most important thing is priorities, and unfortunatley, mine don't match yours. I'm biding time till I die at this point, and so that means, take care of things in ways that don't inconvenience or make other people wait (unless they TRULY deserve it), and hope I just die in my sleep one day. As for what happens after that, I don't give a flying fuck! Not my mess to clean up. And if you think it is, good luck "Weekend at Bernie's-ing" my corpse!

You'd think with all the care I'm giving here about what other people say, think, or do, I'd be keen on arranging my personal death in a way that would make it easier on everyone. Unfortuantley, that's just dumbass corporate/politician IDEALS and not REALITY! Nobody has accidents on a schedule, and nobody dies on a schedule either. And that's another thing I hate about Humanity, how we think we can CONTROL every fucking thing. Guess what, man's greatest folley, is this dumbass illusion we have control over things we have no control over.

The weather, illness, death, tradgedy, luck, society at large - guess what, I don't give a fuck how many degrees you have, how much money is in your bank account, or how many bugattis or businesses you own, or how much you think your religious imaginary friend is going to save you - you DON'T HAVE ANY FUCKING CONTROL OVER THAT SHIT! Of course, these people don't take responsibility for their lack of understanding of what reality is, they defer it to the people on their "team" that they assure have limited or no decision making power, and often time, the rowers are screaming the boat is headed for a cliff, but the deranged psychopath up top decides to pretend it's a pretty, calm stream going ahead - not because they don't see the waterfall, but they are that deluded into thinking somehow that magic will take them across the sky to the other body of water on the cliff on the other side! Either that or they secretly have a death wish and want to take everyone with them. People, this is how businesses go out of business, families get destroyed, and society keeps getting worse. Because it's more comfortable for us to keep on with the status quo, than change course and avoid pointless danger because we're seeking some egomaniacal label, even if we pay for it with our life and worse yet, the possibly more witting and intelligent lives of other people!

That's how people like ME are created! Not because I"m better, or smarter, but because I'm apparently one of a very few WILLING to pay fucking attention to how much BULLSHIT there is out there and point it out.