Al and some chicken.

Al is pretty stupid and is the "original" figment so to speak. She created BT as her figment and the two of them continually annoy the Monkees. Al is the only figment in full control of her figmental powers. However, she often forgets to use them and of course things happen to prevent their use as well (well hey, we need SOME plot help or it would be impossible to have interesting plots yeeesh!). Al is Peter's figment, and she gets along best with Davy, sometimes Micky (though they also fight alot too) and definitely MT. She adopted MT after BT fooped up as his mother. Al usually just sits around doing nothing and being obtrusive, apparently gives lip to Sassip all the time, spews off smart comments and fixes stuff people mess up. She occasionally gets mad crushes on people, mostly Link and Davy actually. She also gave Mike his beeeeyooooootiful wings. She's had a hand in a bunch of other stupid stuff I can't remember too, though she usually means well enough. She has now got a tail because she was the only one without an appendage.

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