MT as an actual little kid.

MT is a robot turned Micky (by BT) turned human by Al. He's best known for his lemonade pop fettish, his figment, aptly named Lemmyade Pop (LP for short) and his breffast seral complex. He often screams things out in disturbed voices and shrieks things that he happens to hear. He gets along best with Al, as his "mother," who babys him quite a bit. He genereally looks exactly like Micky, except for the fact he thinks he's 5, and he has a daisy growing from his head. He's due to get one of the 5 crystals Micky and Mike found in the park that day, but Al keeps it for him since its dangerous for little kids. MT generally gets along fairly well with everyone but he's very annoying and stickifies everything in his path. He can also somehow tap into Al's powers for unknown reasons, which is a major nuisance as he does random things such as turn people into things and the like.
Peter once turned MT into an actually little kid, which caused chaos as his teeny kiddie voice was so high pitched it could break glass and the like (no one knows why but as he's an unusual child no one really wondered much anyway.) MT was also turned into a 17 year old minded thing or something, and was quite rude and evil, so no one was much upset when he was turned back into his normal weirdo self. He was also turned into Davy briefly, which was disconcerting to Al who kept swooning over him, and equally disconcerting to MT who was annoyed and freaked that his mother thought he was actually Davy.
BT used to be his mother, but she lost that privelege which Al sorta assumed. BT doesn't really care though and neither does Al, though having a 21 year old sized kid is a little funky.

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