BT, hanging draperies lala.

BT is Al's figment. She is generally a boofer, and like Al, does stupid things for no reason. However, BT usually tries to do stupid things on purpose to have fun, get revenge or attention, or just be annoying. Micky and BT have a rather strained relationship because BT had a crush on him, then despised him for a while, and now continually just asks every male thing for marries.
Everyone thinks BT is a boy, because of some stupid thing with the hat with the thing on it, and she's rather annoyed at that. BT also has antennae which she loves to flaunt and show off, even though almost everyone else has funky appendages. She makes raviolios, which everyone goes bonkers for, especially Mike who is probably the person she gets along with best, as they have a little deal with the raviolio situation. BT is known for her crazy actions and is the original creator of MT. She is prone to crazy crushes just like Al which everyone thinks is odd cause they think she's a boy.

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