Mike, when he had feathery wings.

Mike is a guitarist in the band (not that they play that much). He holds the fifth crystal that he and Micky found in that park that day. He and his spiffy green hat are the toast of chicken fry parties everywhere. Mike loves chicks (the feathery kind), and gets along best with Davy, his chicken fry buddy. His obsession with chicken fry parties are unparalleled. Mike has a pair of wings which Al gave him as a joke at first, and later as another joke. He hated them in the beginning but they got to his head and now he is a weirdo stupid wingboy. Mike and his hat are very jealous of Link and his hat, which is also green, and Link's hat, Mike's hat and the hat with the thing on it all vie for love and attention such as it is with hats. Mike is generally the guy everyone calls on when there is trouble, and he keeps everyone in line, except occasionally when he is either preening his wings or out of his loopy aviatic head. Mike has no other special powers, but he does have those beyooooootiful wings. He's the only Monkee who minds mind pads, most likely because of his traumatic experience of being trapped in Peter's. He hates Sassip because she throws hedgefish on his head, and loves fishfries. Mike often irritates that *ONE* author and is made to eat raw fish straight out of the ocean. Everyone feels bad for him but they don't want to speak up because they will also be made to do horrid things. Mike is resigned to his fate, and lashes out unfairly at others instead.

Mike once had feathery wings courtesy of Peter and his brandspanking new Figmental powers, but he's since molted and gone back to his normal scale wings. He also has his pet Sparkplug, sentient, who lives outside in the yard. He started growing it and thanks to when he was in Al's body and in control of her powers, it started to grow and is now a large thing. She mainly stays outside, but occasionally comes a-callin'!
Lately a weird thing has started where the absence of the hat causes Mike to be incredibly stupid and whonky. The hat usually disappears, skits around, or attaches itself to someone else (mostly Al.) No one knows why this is but it has something to do with when he accidentally ate BT's antennae which made him stupid. Mike loves pogosticking it around the pad, and causes too much trouble when he is out of it.

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