Link looking tiffed.

Link is a video game character (Nintendo, which we borrowed, so we didn't make him up!) who Al had a crush on and was watching a tape of his show (Don't ask where they got a VCR and tape in the '60's, we just don't know!) and then MT brought him out of the TV and then the VCR got busted, so he's stuck in the Chronicles (he's NOT happy about it).
Link is generally very snippy because he hates it in the pad, and thinks everyone is an idiot. Sassip especially likes to torture him, and all the girls in the pad think he's CU-UTE. He probably shouldn't keep his hat at that jaunty angle.. Anyway, he's equipped with a sword which he likes to use alot to zap people, and a shield which he seems to have forgotten he has. Link doesn't really like anyone (at least in the Chronicles), as he pines for Princess Zelda, and is generally forgotten in the Chronicles until he just can't keep quiet and has to comment on the stupidity.

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