Sassip looking freaked.

Sassip is a vain horrid huge seabeastie who was originally "caught" by Davy and Mike. She was pretty wellbehaved and quiet at first but she's obviously not one to hold her tongue or her thoughts for very long. She loves fish, and keeps pouch cats in her pouch to keep the pouchmite population down (they itch!). She hates Al because she's always giving Sassip lip, and probably gets along best with Davy. She is continually plagued by Rolfdre (aka Pink Thing) and is in love with Stegoo, whom she cannot marry because he refuses to live in the pad and she refuses to move to his island. Sassip eats everything in site, keeps things in her pouch, squooshes things in her pouch by sitting on them, and lays people in eggs frequently. The eggs she hatches (usually by sitting Micky or MT in a pinch, on the eggs until they hatch) and out pops whoever she laid in the egg, as a baby sea monster. Everyone in the pad hates this, and is highly disgusted by her abundant droolpools as well. BT reminds Sassip of a male version of herself. No one knows why BT turns out to look like Sassip when she is a seabeastie, but Sassip finds it amusing.
Sassip loves PUNTING! It is her soul purpose in life. She is the biggest seabeastie in the world, and when she's back at home with her fellow beasties, they recognize her as their ruler and not her father, the king (mostly because she's so badtempered and can punt any one of them). She's even been known to punt her own parents without remorse. She has several starfish pets, which she's named after various snackcakes (Tastykake, Krimpet, Twinkie, etc).

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