Micky having antler troubles.

Micky is the drummer in the band (not that they play that much). Currently he has antlers, which he adores, but is constantly molting and growing them back. He has one of the 5 crystals that he and Mike found in the park that day, and he has the ability to control Al (We don't know how, nor do we really want to, or even care). Micky's favorite food is Oreos, or so we think, as he has a whole stash of them in the bathroom. He also loves Coke and hates when people raid his Coke stash.
Micky gets along well with Peter, as Peter is his figment, and who is training him to be the next great continuity mogul. He was shunned from Davy and Mike's chicken fry endeavors because he likes turkey *shock shock!!*.
Micky has a frypan attached to his tush because people like to zap other people there with their crystals and for some other reason I forget. He has been called wonderful things such as "Plankboy" and "Plaster head".

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