Peter, dipping into Davy's linebucket.

Peter is a guitarist/pianist/bassist in the band (not that they play all that much) and is the creator of Al and BT, however, he's recently become a figment himself due to an odd bird thing. He's generally pretty quiet but has assumed the role of Mr. Continuity which has really given him a bit of a mean streak. He's very dedicated to it! Peter probably gets along best with Micky as he is Micky's figment, and Micky is Peter's Continuity apprentice.

Peter holds the fourth crystal of the five that Micky and Mike found in the park that day. Mike gave Peter his title (mostly in spite) but it's stuck. Peter is still pretty clueless and is often forgotten, like Link, until he has to say something, for whatever reason (before, just because he didn't have many lines. Now, mostly because he notices crazy plot devices going hideously awry). Peter doesn't have any special or weird appendages either, but he does have his figmentness and his Mr. Continuity job. He often makes Micky's head heavy when he poofs into Micky's mind pad because Peter was not originally Micky's figment, and Al and BT have alot of junk that they keep in Peter's mind pad which are not compensated for.

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