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> This section can be well... a bit rowdy/naughty at times. You know how boys are... ^_^
> The events depicted in this web-sitcom are totally fictional and should be taken with a grain of salt.
> This sitcom was not done to ridicule the members of a2003. It was done merely with a sense of jovial... uhm jocularity.

Sixteen Castaways... with one goal in mind... a day of fun in Pegasus. All are willing, but only one will prevail. It's a game where everyone tries to OUTSH_T, OUTGAY and OUTGAS. It's Survivor... A2003 Style!   

Trapped at the Grade School rock garden, the castaways shall endure 42 days of hardships, trials and dildos... Who shall take the bacon home? Tune in every Friday for updates on who the ultimate survivor shall be.  

Episode one: Dane. "The Quest for Fire and the Pit of Despair" 
Episode two: Plep. "The Scan Disk and the Shocker" 
Episode three: Phillip. "Sex and Deceit-y" 
Episode four: Ke. "Hanging by a Moment here with you" 
Episode Five: Jason "Wherefore art thou, Romeo?" 
Episode Six: Tofi "I'm leaving on a goco bus" 
Episode SEVEN: Aaron. "Da MERGE: operation zero grams"

Episode EIGHT! "Ate Shawi and the Hundred Hand Slap of Doom"

Betting odds. See who are the well-favored castaways and the underdogs. 
Meet the castaways. See their backgrounds and their luxury items. 
Survivor Quiz, Part 1. See how much you know.
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