Episode four: "Hanging by a Moment here with you"
On the unbelievable third episode, we saw how Koobah lost two of their nine members on an ass mishap better left unstated. Anyway, Koobah still has the one-member advantage and they need to win this IC to keep their lead over Pahgong. The Pahgong tribe, on the other hand, finally learned how to overcome adversity where in they endured a whirling (and naked) Plep who sought revenge over his ouster. By gaining much-need confidence, the Pahgong tribe, led by so-called tribe leader Balle will strive to win another IC today. Who is gonna win? Will there be another TC twist? (You betcha!) Are you still reading this? Ah... yes? Good. I'm passing the mic on to Mr. Burnett. 
Marts Burnett here. I'm glad to report that last week's episode, "Sex and Deceit-y" is the highest rated show so far, with a little more than 300 people watching the Philip and Hamsfil ouster. With this in mind, we decided to conduct a survey among the non-a2003 fans of this "show", and much like last week, they will decide this week's bootee. I can't promise that this episode will be as exciting and scanadalous as the third one, Mr. Probst and I shall try our best to provide the best damn entertainment on the internet. There... I shall quit blabbering and start the show. Roll the opening credits!
Watch the opening credits.
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