Episode five: "Wherefore art thou, Romeo?"
Hey avid fans. Glad to see you back in here to watch what could be the most exciting episode so far in the the series. Looking back to last week's episode, we saw an unforgettable singing contest, some vile tactics (mercury poisoning) and the first ever 8-0 vote in survivor history, where the poor Ke Villacorta was ousted. This episode, we see some new developments... a few relationships strengthened, a few weakened and some formed. With political ability being the most important aspect a castaway should possess, I'm sure that most if not all of these relationships will come into play sooner or later, if not only to oust a few people, but also to base the jury's vote on.

Each episode just keeps getting more and more controversial, and I don't doubt the fact that this one can be more controversial than the "roaring" fourth episode. (And yeah... sorry to those who didn't get to hear Pahgong's song last week. I guess you need to have Real Player installed to hear it.) This week is what we call the "producer's choice" week. If you noticed, we didn't do the customary class poll on who should be ousted. That's because we have a secret criterion this week to determine who gets voted out. It can be anything from the number of times he recited in class to the who has got the worst hair. It can be anything under the sun, but it's something that only Probst, Burnett and our two secret spies know about. Anyway, without further yumbo, I present to you... EPISODE FIVE!

Let's skip the opening credits and move on to day one!
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