Episode seven: "Da MERGE: operation zero grams"
Hey avid fans-- Glenn Probst here. I hope you're still here after all this time. I greatly apologize for the one month-plus hiatus between episode six and seven... laziness and English homework has finally caught up with your gracious host. On the other hand, sir Marts Burnett has been down with a rare virus called PS2monia, which hampered the series even further. Rest assured though, the survivor engine shall once again run like a well oiled engine from this point on. That's a promise I make to you.  

I'm Marts Burnett, in case y'all forgot who I am. The merge will take place this episode... so we can expect a bit of a ruckus to occur between the two rival tribes. The new tribe will be constituted of 4 Pahgongs (AJ, Rabs, Balle and Erwin) and 6 Koobahs (Onas, Sazon, Yao, Boss, Aaron and Barix). Koobah has been the stronger tribe so far, while Pahgong is more bonded and unified. However, all this will vanish as the castaways get ready to mingle with their opponents--- and form one turbulent tribe. This will be interesting. Sooo... without further ado, let's get on with...


Episode seven, day one.
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