Episode three: "Sex and Deceit-y"
Last week, we saw how an argument over Celine Dion led the Pahgong tribe to oust Plep, dropping the masterplan to boot out "tribe leader" Balle. With angst inside his heart, Plep vows to take upon his hands (as a naked barbarian) the fate of the unlucky Pahgong tribe. With these developments in mind, can the Pahgong tribe finally pull out an IC victory? On the other hand, can the law of averages finally catch up on the increasingly cocky Koobah tribe? The score right now is 8-6 in favor of Koobah.
They say that in order to attract a larger audience, we need to play the sex card. Well, look no further, because this episode will feature sex from all sides. But yeah, don't worry, we'll keep it PG-13 for all of ya. Just let your imagination do the work. And... just so you know, this is the first episode where the class of a2003 actually voted for the castaway to be booted. The results are kept inside Glenn's mysterious purple clear book, and will not be revealed until the episode is premiered. This ensures that there will still be some excitement involved in this, along with class involvement. Anyway, let's get this show on the road!
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