Episode two: "The Scan Disk and the Shocker"
Last week, the Pahgong tribe have ousted Dane Sacdalan for the sole reason that he was a threat, in terms of intellectual capability. While this might sound like a sound move, what the Pahgong tribe did is to actually weaken their tribe in the upcoming challenges. Is this move justified? We shall find out, as the Koobah and Pahgong tribes clash in yet another episode of A2003 Survivor!!
Marts Burnett here. For this episode, expect weirder challenges to surface. While the first episode featured creativity ("The Stump") and sheer physical strength ("The Pit"), episode two shall bombard the castaways with different challenges, involving more than the use of muscles and... umm... the excretory system. I'm sure you're pretty excited. Well, I am too. So let's get this thing rollin'!
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