Episode eight: "Ate Shawi and the Hundred Hand Slap of Doom"
Hello there! It's time for another Survivor episode. Since we haven't had a Survivor episode for quite a long time now, Marts Burnett and I have decided to make this episode extra special by stretching the air time from 5 pages or so to about 1/2 of that amount more. When we were "editing" the footage that we have captured during English class, we saw that we have more than enough material to afford this kind of stretch. I do hope you like this episode--- A lot of unexpected developments will happen, such as...  

Leave that to me Probst. In this special after-merge episode, we will see long-developed alliances crumble down to dust in a flash. Plus, we will get to see all the booted castaways in a special segment wherein we feature how well they're getting along inside NDC (you'll know what this acronym means in the course of the show). Remember that all the subsequent bootees after episode seven will stay in the game, since they will take part of the jury--- for they will decide who the sole survivor will be. So, without further ado... 


Episode eight, day one--- inside NDC.
survivor_main : inside NDC
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