Foekema-Kreidler 50cc-Racing
Latest update February 26, 2003
See latest picture of the LSRV on Oct 18th, 2002
This page will show you record attemps made with 50cc from the past but may be more interestic even today. Look to the first one. A project of the emloyers of Boeing which started in 1999 but is not finnished yet. Will they succeed? I hope for them. But I don't know, because I see and read some details which did not make me confident. But any way, they are very enthusiastic and so we are and wishes them all the luck they need.

Land Speed Record Vehikel

The original website

Bonneville Record Website

FIM website, www.fim/ch look under events/records

Indien een NL versie nog niet gereed is wordt u automatisch met een Engelse versie verbonden
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