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In The Shadow Of The Moons -The Daughter in Law of Sun Myung Moon exposes her life as a victim of abuse in the Moon family, and how she escaped with her children to find freedom and a new life.

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My Life In The Moonies

One Of Moon's Many Mansions ~Because Moon was very happy for our work for him, he began inviting us into his mansions as guests many times and I was able to see how he was, to a degree, in private. He is a very angry and controlling person. I have seen him give out autographs to guests on one occasion to every single person in the room, but one person had been in the restroom when he did this and when he bowed his head humbly and asked with great meekness if he might be allowed to have Moon's autograph too, Moon flew into a rage, cursing and shouting and yelling that everyone in the world wanted his autograph, that some people would die for his autograph, and that because you were in the bathroom "you lose"! He then commanded everyone out of the room. That is the true Moon.

~My mother when she first went to be married by Moon watched as he went over and spit in the face of someone he didn't want in the room. This is in the middle of a wedding ceremony! The most degrading thing you could do, he just went over and spit in the guys face, in front of the startled brides in their white dresses, he then got angry and yelled that anyone who hadn't been in the church for at least 3 years to get out!! There must have been 8 or 10 couples who had been told that they could be married by Moon, had paid the fee Moon charges, were dressed in their wedding clothes, and now were kicked out of the room, in the middle of the ceremony, and may now have to wait years for their next chance to be married by Moon. Another time, I was in Moon's mansion in New York and watched him receive some guests from Africa. They were missionaries from Moon's church in Africa who were granted an audience with him. I watched as he told them how sorry he was for their situation, how he knew they were poor, sometimes not even getting one meal a day. He blamed America for their poverty and said that America should share it's wealth with them for free, that this was the reason he was here in America, to help these poor countries and that he felt so sorry for their poverty. He then dismissed them and they left. No doubt, they felt that Moon really cared for their situation and went away even more convinced that he was the messiah. But I watched as some of Moon's relatives from N. Korea were next on the guest list and when they had been ushered in to have an audience with Moon, he bagan passing out to them Rolex watches, costing thousands of dollars each. They excitedly put them on their wrists and though I didn't question him then, looking back I wonder how many years of food those watches could have bought Moon's own missionaries who had left just moments before, empty handed.

~Seeing these types of things helped me to see Moon for what he really is. A power hungry and deluded maniac, who is no messiah, but a criminal and black hearted individual. He claims that his is the true family of mankind and that we must follow his family's example to have any hope of finding God, and yet his son is getting divorced, has a drug addiction and according to his ex-wife is abusive and has had extra-marital affairs. Several other of Moon's children are reportedly separated from their spouses as well. Moon teaches that sex is the original sin and that it is the worst crime against God, to have sex outside of marriage, yet his son reportedly did so, and Moon apparently fathered by some reports, two children outside of marriage himself. Also, when you meet his children they often make sexual jokes and flirt around and seem not only unlike a "true" family, but much worse than many of the good families I know in my own church who don't do such things.

~Why then do these people stay with him? Well, many are leaving him now and there are reportedly several books being written which are sure to stir up futher this hornets nest. But many more are enslaved by Moon still, and have been trained to put away any question or doubt of him at all and simply to follow him. Many gave up any hope of going to college and instead spent their lives selling flowers for the "messiah", then when it came time for them to support their own families, they were out of the church centers and on the street. And without an education, where do most go? They easily get jobs in Moon's businesses, often for substandard pay. So the slavery continues, while Moon himself, lives in luxury.

~Once as a guest in Moon's mansion, his wife passed out several hundred dollars to each one of us as gifts from a huge stack of hundred dollar bills in her purse. Later she also took my mother and I shopping and bought me a nearly $1000.oo suit. That seems all well and good but I knew even then that they were simply taking care of those who they considered valuable for the moment.

~When I got back to the church center, I took the money I had and bought clothes for some of the people living there who would never be invited to see Moon personally, who had no money to buy new clothes if they wanted them and instead were made to freeze outside in the snow selling flowers for Moon 12 hours a day. These people were expendable, and Moon cares little for them, but I was getting special treatment for my ability to sing well in Korean and my blonde hair and blue eyes, representing a picture of American youth that Moon wanted to show his guests from Korea, to present an image that Americans liked him here and he was someone to respect and admire. The sad thing is that many have fallen for it.

~Have you ever noticed how words can be used to make things sound so much better than they really are? For instance by calling a group of flowers an "arrangement", rather than "some flowers for the table", you can easily add $25.oo or so to the cost. Apparently some words are just more expensive than others. And when you look at your flowers with a name that cost $25.oo more than they do with a different name, you think "Why do I feel like I could have done that myself and prevented promising to name my first child after the florist as a downpayment on this lovely "arrangement" ? Some are just gifted in the clever use of names, that make something sound so different than it really is.

~The UC is gifted in that way as well. No, I certainly never wanted to spend several years of my life sitting on the side of a road, with car exhaust fumes and dirt and dust blowing in my face and into my lungs all day long, with people honking their horns and occasionally throwing stuff at me, sometimes nearly missing hitting me with their cars, or having police threaten me with jail for selling illegally on the road side, and being told to lie about where the money went and how I was collecting it and even the prices I was selling for. I definitely didn't want to be soaking wet from selling in the rain all day on many a cold and wet rainy day, or even worse, freezing throughout the winter with improper dress and nothing but a coffee can filled with charcoal and lighter fluid to keep me warm (which it didn't) at tempratures that were often below zero for 12 hours or more at a time. I never wanted to do any of those things for years of my life. Had they called it "Hell on a street corner" possibly I could have avoided it all , but they didn't. They called it "fundraising". How quaint. Who would mind that? Well, call it whatever you want. Hell on a street corner is what it is. All the above stuff and worse.

A Moonie Fundraiser, on the streets alone on a Cold Winter Night

~It is a horrible life, in a crime-filled city like New York or Washington D.C. And dangerous. Especially for women alone at night. And cold. So very cold in the wintertime. In Washington D.C. in the middle of winter it would be well below Zero Degrees in the evenings. I use to beg the captain of our "fundraising team" for small and inexpensive heaters, at least for the girls, I told him. My pleas fell on deaf ears. Though a good fundraiser could bring in from $1000 to $1500 a week for the moonies, there was no budget for $50 to get a freezing center member a small heater to stay a little warm. Instead they gave us empty coffee cans and filled them with charcoal and set them afire with lighter fluid and put them "inside" our small plastic tents during the winter months. One day, I decided to read the bag of charcoal and noticed a nice little warning. It said "Do Not Use This Indoors, Danger, Carbon Monoxide Poison". Poison? That worried me because some of the female members had said they sometimes felt sick after selling flowers all day. On the way back to the moonie compound, I was telling the "fundraising captain" about this Carbon Monoxide poison problem. Well, a good fundraising captain is not going to let a little thing like death prevent him from raking in the bucks for a cash hungry messiah. Well, new instructions came down. Heaters? Of course not, this is a story about moonie life. We were now to put our coffee cans with the poison charcoal inside the tent for one hour and outside the tent for the next hour and so on throughout the day. One day after selling in the snow and freezing all day long, we were picking up the last fundraiser. It was a "sister" from Africa. When we got there, I was frightened to see that she had fallen asleep with the charcoal INSIDE her tent. It took a moment or two, but she revived, and we went back to the compound while the captain took her to a hospital emergency room. She didn't have long term effects from the Carbon Monoxide poisoning, but when complaining of pain in her foot, they found frostbite from the hours in the cold snow. It was treated and she was taken back to the center. I want you to know that heaters still were not purchased, even though these "leaders" had just spent more money in an emergency room than heaters would have cost for all the fundraisers. It was not until months later that a sympathetic "home member" (a member allowed to live in his own private home) donated some heaters to the church after hearing of this near fatal tragedy.

~This is not an isolated occurance, or something for a few of the unlucky members. This is normal church life in the UC. In fact "fundraising" or making money for Rev. Moon is actually part of the doctrine of religious beliefs for this so-called church. It is called the "Formula Course" and all members are expected to fulfill it. What is the "Formula"? It lasts seven years. The first three and a half years are for making money for Moon. The second three and a half years are for bringing new members (in other words, bringing more victims who have to now raise money for the first three and a half years of their "church" life) Clever little plan isn't it? And you can tell where the priorities are for this "church". Your first mission is money. Some get out of this after three and a half years, but many others don't. I knew one person there who had been kept selling flowers for around 7 or 8 years. I have heard of others who have done it for 10 or more. It is cruel and hard and deceptive and all for nothing. Moon is no humble saint , but a wealthy man who by some accounts is now a billionaire. It breaks my heart every time I think about the suffering done to keep that man rich. It is abhorent. God will judge this man one day for the harm he does in the name of "saving the world".

Those that suffer to enrich Moon would never be able to afford a computer to see this information, but I plead with anyone else, to download my testimony and my critiques on Moon's philosophies, and whenever you see a person selling flowers on the roadside with yellow signs and "Roses" written in red letters, please, please give them all this information. You may save someone's life with your efforts.





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