The Scouts Esperanto League has published some booklets in order to spread its existance and Esperanto. The most important publication of SEL, is naturaly the bulletin "LA SKOLTA MONDO", that appears 4 times a year, and now can be read on-line.

La Skolta Mondo


The League also published some booklets in national languages to invite girls guides, scouts, and theirs master to have international correspondence and used the international language Esperanto as a communication tool for it. This booklet is named " Wider Horisonts in Internacional Scouting" written by J.K. Hammer, former General Secretary of SEL and former National Representative in the Netherlands . This booklet has versions in arab, german, spanish, italian, japanese, catalian, netherland, norwegian, swedish, portuguese, and soon in other languages.



Ĵamboreaj Notoj is a brief report of the History of World Jamborees. It's in English and Esperanto. Other very important publications written by J.K. Hammer, is the handbook to learn Esperanto, "Ĵamborea Lingvo"; this booklet has already been republish several times, and actualized. We also have a pictionary of scouts terms in Esperanto, it's called "Skolta kaj Tenduma Terminaro", the booklet is written by J.K. Hamme, who has have the chance to practice Esperanto on camps and Jamborees, and known the ordinary scouts words on these activities.

Jhamborea Lingvo


The League's internal communication letter is "Ĉiam Preta!", published by the General Secretary from time to time. It is adressed to the members of the Central Committee, the National Representatives, Agents and contacts worldwide. For those that work with us making this League known worldwide, we have written some flyers: "Baden Powell & Esperanto", "How can I help SEL?", "SEL:10 steps for a better future", and " How Can I become a National Representative of SEL"


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