How can I help SEL? 

© Skolta Esperanto-Ligo, 1997 

In SEL regularly have peoples that would want with pleasure to collaborate us in a well planned program. But whichever that works in some movement, he/she knows how difficult it is to find assistants.

We have two statements here that, apparently, they are contradicted one with the other. However, the solution is easy: " Many men would collaborate, if only they knew how."

For those men and women, we give a list of suggestions here and advance so that they know how they can help us to complete the objectives of SEL.

One could think that they are littleness, but if you knew that such littleness and of "bricks" without importance our League has been built all over the world. Please only choose a point, because this way he/she will be able to help us more, indeed; because if you take all at the end you won't be able to satisfy them completely and the task will fail. It is not necessary to make a lot, but make well what you've choosen. A work in common it is easy, effective and pleasant. Don't forget to inform us periodically of your actions. Some ideas:

1. - Verify if it will happen some scout meeting (provincial, national or international inside your country). Organize the propaganda there for SEL, for example, by means of the pamphlet "Wider Horizons in the international Scouting"
2. - Send informative pamphlets to the editor of some national scout magazine or regional or local scout magazine, and ask that an opinion is emitted on them in this publication. If you don't succesed the first time, make it again and again.
3. - Contact with the commissioner for International Matters of your Scout or Guide Association . Request their collaboration. Make him / her know the value that Esperanto means for the Scout /Guide Movement .
4. - Try to discover if an address exists in the country where the interested ones can receive information. SEL it has more than enough and to request the publications in easy and quick form. Verify if the address is known; if it is not it, improve this.
5. Choose some of the juvenile magazines that includes the addresses of people that wish correspondence and send them to the National Representative. If it is possible, send them to magazines of Esperanto, translate the petitions of correspondence and send them to juvenile magazines of your country, or to scouts magazines and the diverse correspondence clubs making mention of the Language Esperanto.
6. - Send material to our magazine "La Skolta Mondo", such as reports, stories, drawings, pictures, crosswords, anecdotes, suggestions and ideas, etc.
7. - Translate some article of the magazine "La Skolta Mondo" for their national, regional or local scout magazine, pointing out the source and the Esperanto language, avoiding to add superfluous information or too much information of a single time. This impresses negatively the diverse editors .
8. - Worry that the word ESPERANTO appears in the biggest quantity in books, calendars, directory phone, your phone guide in the newspapers, etc. in its city; offer that it is easily of a readable size and good distance. If it is possible to print self-adhesive, make it and notify to the national Representative for their distribution even in the whole country.
9. - Make an improvement at least inside the organization of SEL in your country. Help the National Representative in their town or region so that he / she can dedicate his/ her efforts to other regions of the country, because it will be sure where you live, there will be somebody in whom to trust.

© Skolta Esperanto-Ligo, 1997

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