© Skolta Esperanto-Ligo, 1997

Among the diverse National Scouts Associations exist many differences.

The Central Committee of the Girl Guides and Scouts' Esperanto League, only consist of voluntary people that should complete their tasks without the help of secretaries or salaried clerks.

There are two causes here why our work can only be carried out by means of National Representatives that guide the national groups.

A completely different problem is the existence in some countries of juvenile organizations that don't stick to the International Scout Movement . It is the desire of SEL also have with them good and friendly relationships.

That the structure of SEL is of independent National Sections, and which work according to the customs and national possibilities, are, at the same time our strength and weakness.

Our Representatives should complete their tasks among many other - family, professionals, student -, they should also work and take the responsibility of the luck that SEL runs in their country; and he/she should make it with persistence and love when the work doesn't give fruits inmediately .

It sometimes loses the anger, and they get sick...; other get dissapointed and an entire section of SEL gets lost.

It is not necessary that the National Representative be a scout or a guide, because an active and desirous person has a great value for SEL.

Constantly it is necessary to increase and to strengthen the wheel of collaborating friends, and you can also participate. Neither it is necessary to assume enormous tasks. When each one makes a step in the correct address, our objective comes closer more and more. We give a list of examples here - of the easiest to the most difficult - so that you know which to choose, and he/she can help us this way to reach a better future.

1. - In their country at least is a person like Representative of SEL. He / she answers the applications of information of their country and he/she has correspondence with the central Office of SEL about their experiences.

2. - He / she takes a registration of the members and subscribers. It gathers the fees and he/she sends them to the Treasurer when this is possible. Generally he distributes the bulletin "LA SKOLTA MONDO" in his / her country

3. - He / she looks actively new members and it maintains correspondence with the instances national scouts and girl guides associations. Once a year he / she informs of their activities to the General Secretary ( in april).

4. - A person generally replaces him / her when he / she lacks or he / she gets sick; the tasks are assumed by this person, when the Representative National quit.

5. - Several members or interested members make the same thing that in the point 4, making sure a community work on this way.

6. - The National Section publishes a bulletin to inform as much to the Esperantists as to the members of the group, and to the guides and scouts.

7. - A group of members organizes an informative campaign as much for the Esperantists as for the scouts in its meetings or encounters.

8. He / she organizes a meeting of the members during a National Esperantist Congress or an important scout meeting.

9. The members are organized in diverse structures to carry out specific tasks: propaganda, publications, public relationships, courses, etc.

10. - A NATIONAL SECTION that chooses its directive according to the western democratic principles, is founded when the national situation allows this. Each one of these steps is important to reach a better future for SEL.

If you decide to make something in its favor, communicate with the national Representative of your country or with the General Secretary; then gives us to know the results, to include them in the annual memory, and at the same time to motivate others to make the same thing.

© Skolta Esperanto-Ligo, 1997



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