The Scout Esperanto League (SEL) is an association of Scouts and Guides who use Esperanto for communicating with Scouts and Guides of other countries. It holds special meetings at international Scout and Guide events.


1.To spread the ideals of Scouting by means of Esperanto.

2.To spread a knowledge of Esperanto among other Scouts and Guides;

3.To create a Scout literature in Esperanto.

4.To publish an international magazine, "La Skolta Mondo".



A Central Commitee consisting of a President, a General Secretary, a Treasurer and the Magazine Editor, is responsible for the international operations of the League. This Committe makes regular contacts with the World Organasation of the Scout Movement (WOMS) and World Association of the Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGS). It seeks to appoint national representatives in as many countries as possible.


National representatives organise and run national sections of the League, enrolling individual members, selling subscriptions to "LA SKOLTA MONDO" and helping establish contacts between Scouts and Guides by means of Esperanto. Most of the national sections issue national bulletins, which contain news and views about Esperanto, Scouting and Guiding.


Esperanto is about five times as easy as any of the national languages usually learnt at schools worldwide. It is, therefore, the ideal language for the busy Scout, Guide or Leader who has not time to learn one national language after the other but needs one language, quickly and easily learnt for contacts with all countries. There are already enough speakers of the language to make the learning of it well worthwhile. For those interested, it has an abundant literature.


SKOLTA ESPERANTO LIGO, p/a Héctor Campos Grez, P.O. Box 231, Curicó, Chile 3340000, South America (Please do include S.A.S.E and 2 IRCs.) or drop an e-mail to [email protected] or look for the National Representative in your Country in this page National Representatives of SEL. If you want to to help us to spread Esperanto and SEL among scouts and guides in your country, and there isn't any NR in your country write us or fill this formular, and we'll contact you.


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