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This site is devoted to my favorite role-playing games: CORTEX System/SERENITY, THE LORD OF THE RINGS, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, and more.  Please select from the following links… 

Serenity RPG (M. Weis Press) – A very promising new game system for one of the best sci-fi worlds of recent decades. Download the Rules Clarifications/Revisions [V5.0, revised to be compatible with the CORTEX System RPG] to help with some of the rules gaps and problems; get Ship Combat and Armaments if you’re ready for action in space but are tired of waiting for MWP to publish a sourcebook for it; Expanded Armaments List [V2.0] contains more balanced gun stats and useful new arms and armor; Chase Rules [V2.1] for quickly resolving chase-and-pursuit scenes; Jobs System [V2.0] for a quick way to calculate monthly income from ship work; Travel Time [V3.0] for a quick way to determine how long it takes to get across the ’Verse; NPC sheet for easy organization of allies and bad guys; electronic Character Sheet for MS-WORD (perfect for email); and New NPCs & Ships [V2.0] for a some additional people and boats to populate the ’Verse.

Cortex System RPG (M. Weis Press) – The most promising new general RPG system since Alternity (better in many ways, in my opinion). Download the Rules Clarifications/Revisions [V1.0] to fill in gaps and clear up some confusing elements.

D20 Superhero! – Based entirely on the open-license D20 rules set, the original game lets you play your own kind of superhero story with the basic mechanics you already know and love from D&D (unlike the published superheroes game, which says it is “D20” but uses many totally new rules).  In this game, virtually every element comes from D&D and D20 MODERN…but packaged in an exciting new way that lets you play any style of superhero action.  Check here for the D20 Superhero! Handbook [V2.1].  Here’s a Superhero Character Sheet for MS-EXCEL.  And here’s a group of ready-to-use Supervillains of various levels.

The Lord of the Rings RPG (Decipher) – A beautifully written game, but it suffers from some broken rules.  Fix them by downloading the Rules Revisions & Clarifications [V10.4] (compilation of recommended revisions, optional rules, and official errata); Character Sheet (MS-WORD format); Expanded Equipment List (featuring more adventuring gear and suggested rules for buying, selling, and trading); Combat Tracker (a ready-to-print combat stats organizer); Middle-earth Travel Distances (a list of mileage and terrain between specific locations in Middle-earth)

Lord of the Rings Chronicles – Read The Lord of Darkness and its continuation The Lord of Darkness: The Second Chronicle, exciting stories for The Lord of the Rings RPG set in the 15th Year of the Fourth Age.  The most recent chronicle is The War for Mount Gundabad, a new story set in northern Middle-earth in the aftermath of The Lord of Darkness.

Dungeons & Dragons V3.5 (D20, Wizards)  – Download this Compilation [V1.4] of notes for revisions and some very useful new feats; download this Optional House Rules [V1.2] document for some helpful variants, like mana-based spellcasting; download this variant Wound Point System (like in D20 Modern or D20 Star Wars) for D&D; download this quick, easy system for Critical Fumbles; here’s a great Character Sheet for MS-EXCEL (thanks to Eric S. & Peter VZ).

Pellador D20   An original campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons (D20 V3.5) with a range of exciting new features combined from other sources: an entirely mana-based spell system, variant races, new feats, and an alternate massive damage system that makes every battle a threat.  The setting has an early Bronze Age feel, influenced by the Earthsea novels of Ursala LeGuin.  Download the Pellador Sourcebook [V1.7] and the Pellador DMG.  Click here for the Pellador map.

Serenity: Firefly Adventures RPG for D20 Modern & Future (Wizards) – An everything-you-need printable game book for running adventures set in Joss Whedon’s amazing future world depicted in the 2002 TV series Firefly and the 2005 feature film Serenity.  Download the Serenity: Firefly Adventures [Version 1.4] game book here.  You can also download a complete starting adventure titled “No Good Deed” for the game.

Need more LOTR?

The Lord of the Rings Movie Page – Here are pages devoted to analyzing The Lord of the Rings movies as adaptations of Tolkien, containing a scene-by-scene breakdown of the differences between the films and the books; also available is a summarized history of Middle-earth for those who see the movies but do not know all the background.

Other gaming…

Scottomir’s Fantasy Gamers Emporium – Visit to shop for humorous fantasy-roleplaying game products…shirt, bags, mugs, and more.

EverQuest RPG (Sword & Sorcery)EQrpg is one of the best D20 products I’ve come across, arguably better than standard D&D.  Unfortunately, the original version was published in 2002 using v3.0 D20.  Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be all that difficult to “upgrade” the game to v3.5 D20.  Download this EQrpg 3.5 conversion document for all the details (including some optional “house rules” that might make the game even better).

ALTERNITY - Pages devoted to playing Alternity, containing many campaign settings and rules variations.

D&D ELANDAR - An original campaign setting for D&D, also featuring many useful D&D links.

ARS BALLICA, the Art of War tactical boardgame - check out this website for a head-to-head military/historical combat game that can, with some creative thinking, be adapted for use in a RPG campaign.  It is also lots of fun to play.

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