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31.08.1998 = Site created!

08.09.1998 = Roses Are Violet added!

28.09.1998 = Too Much Homework added!
Plus some news...Swapped Souls is nominated in the 'Best SG Fanfic' category in the Savage Garden Website Awards! Please vote for it so I could win! Just follow the link to the awards and vote! Thanx!

30.09.1998 = Ke Bulan Dan Balik added!

24.12.1998 = THIS PAGE MOVED! Now it's at Geocities! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Oh, and the last few chapters of Twist And Turn Where Angels Burn is all up!

01.01.1999 (Happy New Year!) = I got an award from the Queen Of Fanfics, Kirri! Here it is:

Oh and by the way, I didn't win the Best Savage Garden Whatever award...not enough votes! :(

09.01.1999 = 00SG : Mission Karl Rescue up!

13.02.1999 = MAJOR UPDATE! Index page given a facelift and the following added: A Valentines Day Poem, (Come On) Let's Live Like Animals, Darren Stanley Hayes Letter-By-Letter, Daniel Jones Letter-By-Letter, Savage Garden Letter-By-Letter, Truly Madly Deeply : A Birthday Story. Whew!

07.03.1999 = My first contributors! Read Twist In Time by Daniel's Cousin and Love Will Be The Death Of You by Darren's Juliet! They're fantastic!

14.03.1999 = Fixed links to A Savage Poetry Collection & YOU KNOW YOU'RE A 100% SAVAGE GARDEN IF pages and added a contest! Yes, join the Savage Fanfic Hunt and test your fanfic knowledge!
Also fixed up this index page and fixed up some bugs in Chapter 6 of 00SG : Mission Karl Rescue!

17.05.1999 = Feline Fantasy added! Oh and Happy Teacher's Day & Happy Belated Birthday to Darren! His birthday was on the 8th of May and he used to be a teacher!
Also added links to Castle Of The Vampire Princess - check it out to see what it is!

15.06.1999 = This Side Of Me added! Also redid some of the sypnoses and removed the ratings coz I couldn't really tell which stories NEEDED a rating...lemme just say that if you easily believe everything you read to be true, then just be careful when reading my stories...
Oh and the results of the Savage Fanfic Hunt are up!

26.07.1999 = Added Biorhythm - please be careful while reading it! I beg of you! Also happy belated birthday to Daniel Jones, who turned 26 on 22nd of July!
Oh and by the way - rumour has it that their next single is The Best Thing and it will come out in August. Keep your fingers crossed!

29.07.1999 = Vote for this site & Savage Garden in Hitsquad! Just press this button to vote:

News has it that the rumour about the second single isn't true :( but there WILL be a second single, probably in August...watch out!

30.10.1999 = I'm back with a new fanfic! Take Me To The Savage Garden premieres right here, a day before Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone!
Oh and I got a terrific birthday present - I Knew I Loved You! Released on my birthday! Affirmation coming up soon - buy it!

20.11.1999 = Added Child Of The Garden, A Thousand Angels Dance Around You and Tell Me It's Madness! I just bought my copy of Affirmation - highly recommended! More fanfics coming up soon!
(P.S. I just realised that this site is over a year old - happy belated birthday! It shares the same birthday as the day of Malaysia's independence! Woo Hoo! :) )

21.11.1999 = Added Cyber Savages - the first ever of its kind! Check it out to see what it is!

30.11.1999 = Added The Savage Garden Mystery and Something Happens In My Heart! Oh and Happy World AIDS Day - tomorrow, 1st December! Be careful and play it safe!

04.12.1999 = Redid the page a bit and also added Crash And Burn and Too Unreal!
Special request...if anyone can convert Too Unreal into a song, please notify me as soon as possible!

05.12.1999 = Another special request! You know those book covers? Well, I decided to create some 'covers' for all the fanfics here - the problem is I'm pretty poor in designing! If any of you can design covers for the fanfics shown here, email me immediately at zahira@pl.jaring.my or savageaqua@yahoo.com with your cover. Try not to have it TOO large, in either GIF or JPEG format. If I feel your cover is suitable, I'll use it and credit it to you. Thank you!

21.12.1999 = Added Fascination Casts A Spell and one more contributor! Read Cyan's story Betrayal - dedicated to you lot!
Okay, some promotional buzz here...Darren has done a cover of Wham!'s Last Christmas for A Rosie Christmas - out now in stores! Buy it now coz all proceeds go to Rosie's Children's Foundation! The next singles from the guys will be Affirmation in Australia and Crash And Burn for the rest of us - release date not confirmed as yet. They're also coming to Singapore at the end of January 2000, so prepare!
Lastly, I would like to wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS, and if I don't see you later this month, HAPPY Y2K!

07.01.2000 (Happy New Year chappies!) = Added link to =+=Savage V-D-O=+=! If you think you can be the next Nigel Dick, why don't you come here and see others who think so too? Yes, this is the place for you to air your Savage Music Video ideas! Also redid the dates to be more Y2K compliant :)
I have an announcement to make! Don't expect this page to be updated for a while yet coz I'll be in hibernation! I'll be working on a couple of fanfics and a special surprise for you lot! This page may also undergo yet another makeover, so STAY TUNED!

20.01.2000 = Added a poll! Go to A Dose Of Prose - We Wanna Know and fill out the survey!

12.03.2000 = I've been secretly adding a few surprises to the site! (It's not the one I mention in the 07.01 update!) I've added the Hall Of Fame in Cyber Savages and also added a link to Catch Your Eye - if you're the sort to notice strange stuff about Savage Garden, their songs and videos, this is for you! Also updated =+=Savage V-D-O=+=! Oh and for those with Fanzine #12 (the one with 2000 on the cover), look at the PoARTry section...*hint hint*
News!!! The videos for Affirmation and Crash & Burn are out! Affirmation is basically a bunch of images from the 20th century (no D&D) while Crash & Burn...well, I haven't seen it but apparently it's about communication...in the vid Darren does sign language!
Lastly Happy St. Patrick's Day in advance!

17.03.2000 (Happy St. Pats!) = Announcing...the launch of...


Ever thought of yourself as the ultimate, #1 Savage Garden fan? Join the awards and see how many people agree with you!

15.04.2000 = You Know You're A 100% Savage Garden Fan If... redone and updated!
WHERE ARE MY NOMINEES??? I've extended the date to 30th April 2000 so hurry up!
Oh and the Crash And Burn music video is out! It's kinda bizzare, but cool...and the sign language bit at the chorus is worth learning! Check it out!

08.05.2000 = Everybody, let's sing...


He's 28 today! Give it up for the Savaged Nithingale! *applause*

As you may have already seen, this page has undergone yet another MAJOR facelift! It's even been featured in the local newspaper! I'm STILL waiting for my nominees (I'm not stopping till I get >5 nominees/category!) so HURRY UP! Also updated =+=Savage V-D-O=+=!

27.07.2000 = Another Song!


He was 27 on the 22nd! Yay Yay Savage Beethoven! (or Mozart, or Chopin, or...)

Bad news...the SAVAGE FAN AWARDS are CANCELLED coz my comp crashed, losing all nominees, and I didn't have that many nominees anyway. Sorry for all those who anticipated it.

Added a link to Multilingual Savage Garden and updated =+=Savage V-D-O=+=!


31.08.2000 = Firstly, let's take a moment of silence to honour Princess Diana, who died in a car crash this very day, 3 years ago. Darren was at the funeral (the one they showed on TV) and I think he's with us today in spirit to honour this great lady. Let's all take a moment to pray for the princess.

Okay then...happy National Day, Malaysia! 43 years!

But most importantly...


Yeah! A Dose Of Prose is 2 today! =+=Savage V-D-O=+= and Catch Your Eye have been updated! So has the SITE ITSELF! It has been divided into sections for easier navigation! The sections are FANFICTION, CONTRIBUTIONS, POEMS, SONGS AND OTHER PROSE, INTERESTING NON-PROSE SAVAGE GARDEN STUFF (=+=Savage V-D-O=+=, Catch Your Eye, YOU KNOW YOU'RE A 100% SAVAGE GARDEN FAN IF and the messageboards) and LINKS (other SG sites).

Also announcing, possibly the first of its kind...

Life Is A Savage Garden ~ The Musical!

Entered in a contest 2 years ago, chosen as the unofficial winner :) There was only one other contestant! Enjoy!

07.10.2000 = Slightly updated the front page, updated =+=Savage V-D-O=+= and removed The Savage Fans Awards from the site coz, well, it's not on anymore.

A few more anniversaries to celebrate! (although no birthday song coz there's too many) Chained To You was just born in Australia, I Knew I Loved You turned 1 since it's date of release on 27th September 2000 in Power 98 Singapore (where it broke every record imaginable) as well as other Asian stations...and my 15th birthday was on the 26th! *yay go me*

Okay, I know I haven't written anything new lately. Well, that's coz I haven't COMPLETED anything new! I've written opening chapters and left them at that due to a sudden case of Writers Block...so in the future you might see serialized stories where I don't upload the entire story - beginning, middle, end - in one day. It'll be like one chapter per month or similar. I have written a number of Savage Garden poems, so I'll start uploading those soon.

Lastly...HARLOW Power 98!!! I'm telling Denise about this site (by the time you read this I would have probably told them) and she's a Power 98 DJ...she has this show where she features websites and Power 98's quite pro-Savage Garden so this site'll have a fair chance :) Thanks for visiting, Denise!

04.11.2000 = After so long (about 2 months)...WE HAVE NEW CONTENT!!!

Firstly, I would like to thank Ariana for contributing the excellent Shades Of Night...I really recommend you read it! And to my otehr contributors...WHERE'S YOUR STORY??? :)

We also have some fanfics! Check out All Fizzed Out, Harry Potter And The Savage Garden Concert, A Different Awakening, Walk Through The Savage Garden and the return of THE AQUATEERS!!! Our first Aqua fanfic! (not counting Roses Are Violet)

We also have a new poem! It's called To Someone Special... Try to guess who it's for :)

05.12.2000 = Chapter 6 of Harry Potter And The Savage Garden Concert up! Catch Your Eye updated also!

Some news! Hold Me was released in Asia and Europe recently. You really have to see the vid for this! :) Also the live album has been released in Australia.

ATTENTION EVERY FAN OUT THERE!!! Remember Power 98FM? Well, they have just released Darren's Last Christmas into their playlist! And because of this, I am organizing a very special Christmas blitz. No, I don't mean bombing the Earth on Christmas Day, but read on.

Power 98FM has a segment every Mon-Thu nights named You Asked For It. This segment collects votes for one hour, and the votes, plus requests during the day, are tabulated to create a daily Top 10 chart. Well, Christmas this year falls on Monday, so let's have a voting/request blitz for Darren's Last Christmas!!! I know Darren somewhat discouraged us from mass-voting, but this is for Christmas Day. And besides, the DJ manning You Asked For It, JayAye, is a HUGE (and I mean HUGELY DEVOTED) Savage Garden fan! He'll love it if you vote for Savage Garden, or at least Darren!

This is how we do it. From 11 a.m. Singapore/Malaysia time (10 p.m. previous day EST) Power 98 collects REQUESTS. There are 3 slots where requests are made and collected for You Asked For It - Suzanne Walker's Outbreak Show (11 a.m. - 2 p.m.), Jeremy Ratnam's Afternoon Drive (2 p.m. - 5 p.m.) and Tim and Shereen's Powercruising (5 p.m. - 8 p.m.). REQUEST for Darren's Last Christmas during those times via phone, fax or Web. You can request in all 3 slots, but you can't request twice in 1 slot.

From 8 p.m. You Asked For It starts, and for 1 hour you VOTE for Last Christmas via phone, fax or IRC chatlines (details below). Here's a snag...between 8:45 p.m. and 8:50 p.m. JayAye collects UNVOTES, which are votes that delete a previous vote. These are also collected via phone, fax and IRC. Some people might unvote for Darren. UNVOTE for everyone EXCEPT Darren and Savage Garden (Hold Me might be in there). Some choice unvotes are Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Westlife and A1. 9 p.m. is when the chart starts, and then we'll know if Darren and our efforts were successful.

Here are the details: (all times Singapore/Malaysia, minus 13 for EST, minus 8 for GMT) REQUEST TIME : 11 a.m. - 8 p.m.
VOTING TIME : 8 p.m. - 8:45 p.m., 8:50 p.m. - 9 p.m.
(use last 10 minutes to revote for Darren just in case he got unvoted)
UNVOTING TIME : 8:45 p.m. - 8:50 p.m.
(unvote for everyone EXCEPT Darren and Savage Garden)

TELEPHONE : +65-6911980 (all times, slightly hard to get through)
FAX : +65-3731944 (all times, much easier to get through)
WEBSITE : http://power98.com.sg (For first 3 slots, possible to request ahead of time - more details to follow)
IRC LINES : Galaxynet server #power98 (You Asked For It - starting 8 p.m.)

Here's the details on the website. To request, go to the 'Requests' section and place your request for Darren, sending it to Suzanne, Jeremy and Tim + Shereen. DO NOT use the Weekend slots! 25th Dec is a MONDAY! The best time to vote this way is right after 12 midnight Christmas Day, which is 11 a.m. Christmas Eve, EST.

I know this is possible. I know this can happen if we have enough support. So GIVE YOUR SUPPORT and SPREAD THE WORD AND KEEP ON VOTING!!!!

13.01.2001 (Happy New Millenium!) = Added 2 chapters to Harry Potter And The Savage Garden Concert. Decided to be done with this story before I work on the rest. Also added a link.

Darn Power 98...on Christmas Day they decided to go offair and give us chattering elves instead!!! So the Xmas blitz didn't work!!! :~( So sorry to those who took the trouble to vote and request...trust me, it wasn't my fault! It did, however, debut at #10 on December 12...too early lah...

As we all know, Savage Garden as we know it is taking an extended break where Darren will be producing a solo album and Daniel will be managing a band, Halogen. DO NOT PANIC...they are NOT breaking up. Take the Spice Girls as an example. Anyways, due to this break, there won't be any new material from the guys as Savage Garden until they get back together at the end of 2001, but that does not mean I'm closing this site. This site will stay, no matter what happens.

Therefore I ask you all to continue supporting Savage Garden. We ARE some of the best fans a band would have, and we can't let them down now. I will still continue writing, maybe even more so. Contributors who have new chapters, PLEASE take notice and email...I will check. This site might have another revamp too.

So please bear with the circumstances. Time zips by quickly. Soon we'll all be listening to CD #3 on our stereos. But until then, keep the Savage Faith alive.

23.01.2001 = Added another chapter on Harry Potter And The Savage Garden Concert and added a number of links.

To all the Chinese readers, Gong Xi Fa Cai/Happy Chinese New Year, and to the Wiccan/Pagan readers (NO, WE ARE NOT EVIL!!!) I wish you a happy Imbolc/Candlemas/St Brigid's Day on February 2nd! All of you, Pagan or not, please light a candle (or a candle each) for Darren and Daniel on Imbolc and wish and pray for their success and their lives. Thank you!

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