~Connections To Other Gardens~

A Savage Poetry Collection
Remember all those references to A Savage Poetry Collection and Savage Magic? Well, these collections are scrapbooks of poetry, prose and artwork related to Savage Garden. The founder, Yolande, just emailed all contributers - yours truly included - saying that SAVAGE GARDEN THEMSELVES have read both books and loved them! Here you can see how the books looked like. Don't forget to sign the guestbook and tell her I sent you!

Sony Savage Garden Site
The official Sony site for our Garden Guys!

Official Savage Garden Fan Website
Hey, they took my savagefan address! :) The new official site (previously Sony) - check out cool Savage news and updates from Leonie here! By the way, the site will be hibernating due to Savage Garden's break, but the MB is still up so don't fret.

The Official Savage Garden Fanzine
NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE SITE ABOVE! :) This is the home of the Fanzine, where one of this site's works have been featured! Yay! :)

Multilingual Savage Garden
Check out Crash And Burn in many different languages and formats! RomiD (the owner) deserves a lot of credit for this one - it was her idea! It even got picked for an international language project! Check it out and tell her I sent ya!

Power 98 Singapore
One of the most pro-Savage Garden radio stations around! And no, I'm not adding this just because I want Power 98 to notice me :) Oi Power, when are you gonna add Hold Me to the playlist?!!

Rick Dees Top 40
Rick Deeeeeesss....and the Weeeeeeklyyyyyy Top Fourtyyyyy.... What else needs to be said? :)

Mel's Links
This is a site by my schoolfriend Melissa, who added this page to her links. She's been bugging me to add hers, so HERE IT IS!! BTW Mel, PLEASE put on your site that the SG fanfics are MINE, otherwise they'll thik you wrote it :)

Anna-Maria La Spina Official Website
The website of one of Savage Garden's beloved backing singers, Anna-Maria. She's on her solo career now. Plenty of Savage Garden news/pics.

Supanatural Official Website
The website for Ben Carey's band, Supanatural! Dunno about the pics but there are some Savage news in there.

Halogen Official Website
Another website about a former Savage Garden backup band member...this one, about Jenny, former backing singer, and her band. Daniel produces for them, and I think in some of the pics you can see him.

Aqua Official Website
Aqua's official page! Check out Lene's bio...but don't be surprised when you see who's on her "fave bands" list... ;)

A Dose Of Prose
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