~in chronological order~

Swapped Souls
D&D and the gang go on a trip to New York and find themselves in some strange situations. They don't seem like themselves anymore, do they?

Twist And Turn Where Angels Burn
Lamina is one of those people who seems like the world has turned its back on them. One day she takes a subway ride...little does she know what impact that train has on her life...

Savaged Stories
What would happen if Darren and Daniel were REALLY here? What would they think of the fanfiction? Would they be flattered, disgusted or embarassed? The possible answers, right here...

Roses Are Violet
Possibly the world'd first combo fanfic. Daniel meets someone special - find out who - and after a while decides to make the most important decision of his life...

00SG : Mission Karl Rescue
An action/mystery story bordering on the romantic. Includes cameo by Colby. Karl has just been captured and the gang are on a quest to save him. Will they be successful, and what else will they save?
This fic has nothing to do DIRECTLY with Savage Garden, except for character names and various references. Told from Colby's viewpoint.

Truly Madly Deeply : A Birthday Story
Originally a birthday present for a friend, this story transports D&D & D - and someone else - to the medieval ages. Basically your usual 'savage' garden-variety fairy tale.
This fic has nothing to do DIRECTLY with Savage Garden, except for character names and various references.

Feline Fantasy
Another retelling of a famous fairy-tale, with a slightly modern twist. Sir Dream-A-Lot (guess who) finds the person he's been searching for years...but not exactly in the way he expected...

This Side Of Me
Royal Savage! One of the two gets a chance meeting with someone who holds a potentionally disasterous past...will chance be kind to them? So-named coz it was based on a dream I had about a music video for This Side Of Me, with this as the storyline.
This fic has nothing to do DIRECTLY with Savage Garden, except for character names and various references. Also not to be confused with This Side Of Me : The Truth About Darren Hayes, written by someone else.

How would Savage Garden's life be had all those rumours about them been true? Check out the twisted life of Darren and Daniel, thanks to the constant inflow of rumours spreading like the ILOVEYOU virus. Moral of the story : Do Not Believe Everything You Hear.
Not for younger readers.

Take Me To The Savage Garden
Dedicated to all those on the Savage Messages board. A mysterious poem turns up at a messageboard and all those who read it gets zapped somewhere...even the writers...
The poem on this fic has somehow made its way to the PoARTry section of Fanzine #12...one wonders how it got there...

Child Of The Garden
A Goosebumps-like story. A child seems to foretell to arrival of the biggest Ozzie band of recent times...before anyone else has ever thought of the idea...

A Thousand Angels Dance Around You
Darren and Daniel save each other's lives one day, but something happens to them that they can't save. A definite tear-jerker, or at least one of those fics that leave a lump in your throat. I know it did to me when I was writing this.
Don't worry. The guys are still here. Read the story to see what I mean.

Tell Me It's Madness
A murder mystery cum courtroom drama, inspired slightly by Ally Macbeal and The Practice. Darren has been accused for murder and he needs all the support he can get to prove that he's innocent. Will he make it out of court - alive? Features Leonie Messer in her first major role in fanfics! She had a minor bit in A Thousand Angels Dance Around You.
About the Hit Records lawsuit? The case was thrown out, and the Hit Records people were told to pay all court charges and to NOT bring up a case like that again. Savage Garden 100 points, Hit Records -100 points. Nyeh Nyeh Nyeh! ;P

Cyber Savages
The world's first INTERACTIVE SAVAGE FANFIC! (discounting all those "provide the next chapter" fanfics) D&D are stuck in a video game and they need YOUR help to get out! Answer all the question correctly and they'll be saved. Answer wrongly, though, and they'll be enslaved in the video game! Inspired by the Give Yourself Goosebumps story Zapped In Space.

The Savage Garden Mystery
You know how people think they're living a dream? Well, Darren & Daniel find out the ultimate truth...what could it be? Inspired by Jostein Gaarder's The Solitaire Mystery.

Something Happens In My Heart
Eight-year-old Darren receives a letter from his mother about his famous father and his namesake. The letter also contains a task for him to carry out - will he be successful? Based on the Hindi movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - which literally translates to Something Happens In My Heart.

Crash And Burn
Daniel decides to go home for a break - does he survive?

Fascination Casts A Spell
The Savaged people treat Daniel to a magic show on his birthday - but nobody could have imagined the magician's gift for Daniel! Will Daniel put his gift to good use - or does the gift have a sinister side?

All Fizzed Out
While preparing for their concert, D&D encounter a duo who are too much like themselves...and they're not all that good either. What's going to happen? The reason I called this 'All Fizzed Out' is coz it's originally a story about a different band named Forde's Fizz, with the members Stanley and Caniel. Hmm... :)

Harry Potter And The Savage Garden Concert *~* UPDATED *~*
Yet another combofic! This time starring the cast of J.K. Rowling's hit novels "Harry Potter"! Harry, Ron and Hermione are going to see Savage Garden's concert in town...but that's not all they're seeing!
Under construction. Okay, okay, if you Harry Potter fans are going to be accurate, then by the time Savage Garden did the Affirmation Tour, Harry and his friends would have left school. Just forget the date, okay? Changed a bit to respect real witches (yes there are such people...but they're not what you think. They're not evil and Hogwarts still does not exist.) Many apologies to Leonie!!!

A Different Awakening
Darren and friends watch a horror movie about vampires...little do they know that life can imitate art...
Under construction.

Walk Through The Savage Garden
Darren's feeling extremely bored coz his friends aren't around. He decides to spend the day walking round San Francisco bay (hey that rhymed :) but didn't expect what he was going to see...
Under construction.

The Aquateers
They're back and rejuvenated! Any Aqua fans who remembered The Aquateers from another website would be glad to know that they're back! Join them in new adventures, encountering new monsters and facing the weird as they fight against Out-Of-Tune and save MTVLand!
This story is FOREVER under construction as I'll be adding to it. I may have SG join them soon...

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