~in chronological order~

Too Much Homework
A song about students in agony over all the homework the teachers keep giving them! Sung to the tune of Tears Of Pearls.
~Featured In A Savage Poetry Collection~

Ke Bulan Dan Balik
Savage Garden's second single - no, it ISN'T Truly Madly Deeply - in Malay! Wonder if they'll sing it as a B-Side...nah, there's already 2 releases of To The Moon & Back already! :) Not a 100% literal translation.
~Featured in A Savage Poetry Collection~

A Valentines Day Poem
This poem was sent to Perfect 10's Say It With Music 1999 Valentines Week special...it never got read out though. :\ Hope you like it!
~Featured In Savage Magic~

Letter-By-Letter : The Series
Includes Savage Garden Letter-By-Letter, Darren Stanley Hayes Letter-By-Letter and Daniel Jones Letter-By-Letter.
~Featured In Savage Magic~

(Come On) Let's Live Like Animals
My reply to The Animal Song!
~Featured In Savage Magic~

Too Unreal
Something about being infatuated with a celebrity. Especially dedicated to a particular DSH...

Too Unreal - The Song
Here's the song version! Anyone up for creating the music? :)

Life Is A Savage Garden
A musical-cum-play centered around 3 college kids, to the tunes of all the SG songs until The Animal Song. (i.e. I Knew I Loved You onwards were not included, coz noone had heard of them yet at time of writing.) Enjoy!

To Someone Special
Something of a letter-cum-poem. Try to guess who it's for :) The reason it has a kinda dumb title is coz it was actually for a contest where the topic was "To Someone Special"...I didn't win :P Ah well, it was a school contest, they expected poems to family members and such. :)

A Dose Of Prose
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