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Download Page

These plans are free for personal use only.

They are now available in three different file formats:

  1. dxf format which most cad programs can use but, unzipped, this file format is rather large.

  2. dw2 format which has a considerably smaller file size but (I think) is only used by ModelCAD and DesignCAD.

  3. (NEW!) pdf format, which does not require CAD software to view or print the files, just a pdf reader (such as Adobe's free Reader), which most computers have. Be aware that this format does not (to my knowledge) allow you to edit the drawings. I have not printed the drawings using pdf format, so double check that they are the correct scale and are accurate, if you use them. They should be ok, I think.

Sukhoi Su-26mx (preview sheet 1) (preview sheet 2) (preview sheet 3) (preview sheet 4)


Do NOT try to build the sukhoi if you are a beginner. The sukhoi requires quite a bit of experience to build and fly and is in no way a beginners plane.

I am only offering these plans, I have no control over how you build the sukhoi. I cannot guarantee that the sukhoi will fly well or even fly at all. All I can do is tell you about my experiences with my own sukhoi.

The sukhoi plans are in 4 files, each one set up to print on A0 size paper. The dw2 files are all in one zip but the dxf files are in 4 seperate zips because they are bigger and some people might just want to have a look at one of them.
There are building notes for the sukhoi that I suggest you read if you are considering building one.

Note: Only use the alternate link if the first link doesn't work. Hopefully this will prevent the site from going over the bandwidth limit.

Dw2 files: Dxf files:

PDF files:

The plans above are scaled in millimeters (wood sizes are marked in mm and inches). If you would prefer to download the plans scaled in inches, click the link below. It is a single zip file, containing the 4 plan files in dxf format.

Futaba S3001 servo three view (Preview drawing)