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GeoShasta Photo Collection

Olbermans Causeway
Climbing Giddy Giddy Gulch
West Face Ridge from Summit
Shasta from the North
Summit of Shasta
Summit Plateau
Shastina's Summit
Shasta's West Face Alpenglow
Shastina from 12,500 Feet
Casaval Ridge from West
Climbing the West Face
Shastina Cascade Gulch


This is a collection of photos taken of Mt. Shasta and Shastina which were published on the original Virtual Cascades GeoShasta pages which have been discontinued. These views are from south and west side routes including the West Face, Avalanche Gulch, and Cascade Gulch. I took the aerial digital image on this page from the east while on a commercial flight going from Oregon to Phoenix in May 2002.


  Mt. Shasta's east face  



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