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Climb Smart!

Smith Rock

Mountaineering, including climbing rock and ice is inherently dangerous!

Every climber is completely responsible for their own safety, and assumes all risks inherent to climbing activities.

Persons new to mountain climbing should obtain professional training from climbing schools, mountain guides, or local community colleges.

Climbing is dangerous. Stack the odds in your favor. Remember - your safety is your responsibility.



What you need to survive in the mountains!

1. Topographic Map
2. Compass, altimeter
3. Flashlight/Headlamp, spare bulb & batteries
4. Food
5. Insulating Clothing layers & wind proof shell
6. Space blanket or bivy sack
7. Sunglasses
8. First aid, sunblock, & medications
9. Pocket Knife
10. Matches/Lighter
12.Ice Axe

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