water egret deist already foxtrot cretin Sweden is plaster silurid thatís false please die rrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrr the soldiers of rainbow wait for the syringe (rrrrrr) my poor friend midwife mushroom fragrance he is going to close the door withdrawal you have drawn an ellipse and you have become insane concrete gas gas concrete gas take heed

(art is stupid	  action I couldnít give a damn about   humanity humanity itís
crap     sentiments this gonorrhoea of the soul liberty in a prison with no
walls      thatís pretty    a howling so black that it will turn into ether     what
is your conscience in front of the high white cliff     faith enthusiasm logic life
[LIFE] nature [NATURE] take my word for it all that is stupid as the moon
for instance    why how sad    obviously     take a really hot bath and hang
yourself if your diarrhoeal life has left you the strength for it     a howling so
black that it will turn into ether   but you donít understand    Dada unhinges
everything   it doesnít leave you the choice   you must see without eyes   you
must hear without ears    you must scream without voice    touch without
fingers   plunge into the blazing chaos like into a clear dawn   but donít think
that it would be serious   absolutely not at all   my poor friend I may say it to
you   alpha dances with the serpent Ea   thatís enough)

ab + y + x≤/y

jackstraws become Los Angeles in the most exemplary manner
axe   Napoleon   the large disks on the aquarium
it is so nice to be a ponce
17 may 1831
I know what I am doing
journal   god   966664   haemorrhage   cinema   kirsch   Descartes
all this is without any importance

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