The thrust of this Doric pillar in the grass of the cloister On the snow thin and clear shadows from the sky This high cold light can be seen on the outer port while a clandestine viola tunes to the sea of mercury and a wild sky beyond the white cubes of the refuges seeks the depressed darkness of the earth. This image will be engulfed -- o nymphea -- by the water which look rises rises. Astrid a framed elegance at the window stands out against the enormous black city and drops over the great plaque of zinc from the sky in a seal of domination The blonde fire of your hair is the light of those distant small lights and it is the whiteness of your teeth that summoned the moon in its pale immobility Astrid a rush throws up its litheness near the swamp. To those large oblique eyes signed of okhol certainly ought to be made a boudoir of violets with modelled blocs of ice And is your cruel mouth plaque of enamel a perverse rose in a pale hospital A swan occasionally goes by in the starry night sybillic harmony of your hands The loftiness of your white brow invokes the iron of your iris under the wave of your golden locks Inseparable you are from the living room of lustrous nickels among the implacable geometry of the mahoganies on coppered pedestals figure which the window eternally frames over the sky that dies for the ardour of your hair Were you Astrid? You had parked your car such that inside the stifling padding of the santal exhilarated in a dreary suburb under a slow rain the carts of carbon went by the fog confounded the distances and the solitudes and the melancholies in a yellowish rhythm And you broke the spell your ambiguous look vortex the vertiginous transparency of your stockings the froth of the lace your legs spreading luminously the idol reversed and open my being engulfed in you bogged down in an ardent obscurity endless your brief cry green dilatation dissolution. Were you Astrid? Astrid of the lofty white brow seal of domination stands out against the enormous black city and drops over the great plaque of zinc from the sky.
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