to miss Annah Wright
count to twelve
there are rainbows 	he would be told:	leather	   turtle   paraffin
love me a lot
the microbes in delirium	gas
he is walking on the triangles	          on the rim the idol complains and death death death
alpha withers
gulls in the hallways of steel
the chrysanthemums become giraffes
veiled lace underpants and the seismography
the gulls become furious in the hallways of steel
of course I am alone	  the gulls
the parrots in plaster are doing philosophy with the great serpent Ea
the elephant becomes plaster too
say: purple purple and fall sick
medusa       the saccharin and the jaguars
the gulls
the brain counts to twelve
and say please talk
the diaphanous hippopotamuses haunt you
				    haunt you
					ae ae ae aeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeae

(please repeat and light up a cigarette)
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