aaaaa in a sinusoÔdal form they fill the atmosphere engulf you to your eyes but donít try to save yourself because the roses kiss your eyelids and you feel the hot mercury flow bubbles of desperate passion blossom the breasts Samiramis you feel the hot mercury flow die die until I fall atrocious sultan to abomination you feel the hot blood flow it is yours and you no longer have it in the metallic forests in the distance palpitating girls parade the passenger wavers and all passions interlace the veils swing and the lights but the untied locks mingle suck your soul small icicles on the green intoxicate themselves towards the syntax fruitlessly gold until when until when a cove dance deploys over bladeaglabla the family of fragrances clandestine everything becomes drunkenness and vague I adore you
(published in catalogo-numero-unico dada on the
occasion of the exposition at the Gallery
Montaigne, Parigi -- June 1921)
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