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Wanna link your chapter?

To our fellow brothers, sisters and chapters please do not hesitate to send us your application to link your chapter with us. We do really require you to link with us. Place your chapter and fill in our spot for you.

Brother and Sisters that want to place your name in your beloved chapter please do not hesitate to contact us and send us an e-mail at [email protected] This website will help us to unite and be known by other brothers and sisters in different chapters, region and cluster.

By linking in this website we require you for 3 easy steps.

1.) Send as an e-mail of that you want to link your name and chapter in this website.

2.) We will reply for an application for that you would need to fill in. After filling out the entrie question asked please send it back to us.

3.) We need your chapter representative or yourself to pay the essential amount of funds you need to pay. And we will be glad to place you on your beloved spot.

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