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Phi Beta Kappa the Society

We are encouraging all high schools, undergraduates and alumnis of all institution and universities to join the Phi Beta Kappa Society. The Society helps members to motivate in their fields, make their life easier and build up their confidence. We Phi Beta Kappa of Philippines inspires members to excel in their careers. With all of our strenght we can achieve everything through striving.

The 229th Anniversary of Phi Beta Kappa is a success at MIT

The 229th anniversary of Phi Beta Kappa, Pi of Mapua Makati has been successful once again. With the unity of Pi of Mapua Makati share their pride of being Phibetes and Phious.

Mapua Makati held the anniversary at Novaliches Quezon City. All members enjoyed the celebration of the 229th foundation day.See Pictures below and follow the link.

Mapua, Pi chapter

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