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Legal Stuff:Anything Weiss Kreuz belongs to Koyasu Takehito and Marine Animation. Dreams and original concepts are S. Johnson 2001.

Fan Fiction

^_^ I finally got off my lazy ass and decided to actually update this page...Submissions are welcome, yaoi and non-yaoi.

::Midnight's Fics::

Pairings: None.
I...I'm sorry, I don't know where this came from...

::If Weiss and Schwarz Went To My School::
Pairings: None.

Pairings: Brad/Nagi, Farf/Schu
Crawford is hit by a drunk driver and all of Schwarz is affected. While Nagi deals with strange feelings, Schuldich and Farfarello fall into the darkest part of their relashionship.Complete.

::Everyday things::
Pairings: Farf/Schu, Brad/Nagi
The adventures of Farfarello and Schuldich as they do everyday "normal" things.

::Light the Way::
Pairings: Farf/Schu
Schuldich and Farfarello share a sappy, poorly written moment.

::Shadow of the Fire::
Pairings: Yohji/Omi, Sakura/Aya-chan
Ran is not who he thinks he this, and this revelation will change the course his entire life is taking.

Pairings: Non-con Schu/Nagi
O_O Nagi is NOT a happy camper.

::Drop to the Moon::
Pairings: None.
Neither is Omi.

::Drop the Roses::
Pairings: Farf/Schu, Brad/Nagi
Schuldich recieves some posion roses and Schwarz wants revenge. WARNING:Death fic!!!;_;

Pairings: Nagi/Crawford, Crawford/Jessica (original character)
I guess this would be the prologue to a fic soon to be put up called "Remember Me". Diving into Crawford's past, at least what I think.

::Remember Me::
Pairings: Crawford/Nagi, Aya/Yohji
Sequel to 1976-1997

::Wings of an Angel::
Pairings: Farf/Schu
Omi has powers as well, and Esset will do anything to get them.

::Kiss From A Rose::
Pairings: Nagi/Surprise!!
Nagi being thoughtfull in the arms of his lover...

::Broken White Glass::
Pairings: Yohji/Omi, Aya/Ken
Somebody is out to kill Weiss and is doing a very good job of it.WARNING:Death fic!

::The One Who Grins at His Creator::
Pairings: Surprise
Our li'l Koyasu Takehito has a late night visitor....

::In An Elevator::
Pairings: Farf/Schu, Nagi/Aya
Schuldich and Farfarello being retarded in an elevator.

::The Chia Heads::
Pairings: None
X__X Miki and somebody fight over the hair gel. From the same thread as the Koyasu one....

::A Screwed Up Schwarz Fic::
Pairings: Farf/Schu, Brad/Nagi
Warnings: OOCness.

::Not Like This::
Pairings: None

Warnings: Angst. T_T
I dunno who is relfecting, maybe another one of Aya/Ran's personalitys.

::Habitual Thinking::
Pairings: None
Warnings: Language. Angst.New!

::Pink Graduation::
Chapter 01
Pairings: None.
Warnings: Language.
NOTE: Contains characters that are copyright Midnight Obscurity. Do not use without permission.

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