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Legal Stuff:Anything Weiss Kreuz belongs to Koyasu Takehito and Marine Animation. Dreams and original concepts are S. Johnson 2001.

Crawford's Angels

Ever seen the movie Charlie's Angels? Thought so. Anyways, here you can become Crawford's Angel of...whatever! Just read the rules below and follow them and it should all go smoothly. ^__^

What do you get? A little code thingie to stick on your site that would look like this:

Crawford's Angel Of ~||~ Insanity

It does'nt have to be an emotion or state of mind. It can be like...Crawford's Angel of Farfarello, of Knives, of Purple, of N Sync or whatever else you can think of!


1) You must have a site. Whats the point of having it if you've nowhere to put it?? And it does'nt have to be anything big or have to do with anime.

2) You have to link back to this site. You can change the code around color and font wise, but it must still link back in someway to etheir this page or the main one.

3) If the Angel Of: you want is already taken, you must think up another one! There can't be two angels of something. Unless its a joint thing and both of you agree. If you and the person agree on this, mail me and we'll work it out.

4) If I don't see the code on your site within a week (seven days) you will be taken off the list and your Angel Of: will be up for grabs. Since I can't get the stupid form to work, you'll have to e-mail me this:

Your Name:
Your Site Address:
Your Angel Of:

Then just put this on your site!!:

Change the Whatever to your Angel of! ^__^ And feel free to edit the font, color or make it link back to this page instead. Just have it link back here.

Current Angels:

Midnight ~||~ Angel of Gacktlings
Mami-Sama ~||~ Angel of BradXRan
Amiko ~||~ Angel of Yaoi Offspring
Shade ~||~ Angel of Farfarello
Cailey ~||~ Angel of Anorexia
Night Creature Thing ~||~ Angel of Cake (the band)
Demented Duo ~||~ Angels of Weiss (the band)
Eve ~||~ Angel of Eartails
Blume-chan ~||~ Angel of Fate
Yukiko Crawford ~||~ Angel of Crawfordism

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