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Legal Stuff:Anything Weiss Kreuz belongs to Koyasu Takehito and Marine Animation. Dreams and original concepts are S. Johnson 2001.


Yep, funny things go here. ^^Came from Damage.

Yep, Weiss Kruez IS coming to America. Here, the Weiss boys make fun of the description.

Sailor Loon Theme Song
^_^;; Something I whipped up in a few minutes. Who do you think is Sailor Loon? o.O

Aya the Clown
Don't ask. Just don't ask.

Persia Wannabe
Okay, I KNOW this is funny... New!

Schwarz Bumper
If Schwarz were on vacation, this is what their bumper would look like...

Matrix Remake!
XD Does'nt have anything to do with Weiss, but its funny anyways. Thats Michael and my finger.New!

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