I have just revised my awards. My old ones were beginning to look a little too tacky, so I've come up with new ones! As most of you know, awards are given in recognition for someone's efforts, so my awards are in recognition of webmasters' (that's you guys) efforts to put up great lookin' homepages.

Now, I sometimes give the awards to sites I come across which totally leaves me spinning, but if I've missed your site, just fill in the form below to apply for any one of the awards...but please!!! Read through the set standards first. It'll make things a lot smoother for me to attend to your application.

The standards:

1. No pornography or questionable material/links
I prefer family orientated sites, or at least sites which are safe for kids to surf through, don't you?

2. If applicable, frames must be VERY well done.
Too many frames often make it difficult for one to see the page and time is wasted when one has to scroll back & forth to read the text.

3. Javascript must not be overdone to the extent it irritates me.
I absolutely hate it everytime the 'ping' sound keeps coming up with silly messages which hinder me from viewing a site, so don't try to show off & use Javascript sparingly.

4. You must provide a link to my site after receiving my award.
How else will other people come to apply for my award? You gotta help them out that much. :)

5. Loading time for your homepage must take less than 3 minutes.
Surfing takes time & slow loading homepages don't help the process very much.

6. No bandwidth stealing
For those who don't understand, it means you just link graphics to the original owner & don't load it on your own directory. If I find bandwidth stealing on your site, I will inform the owner of it immediately.

7. It helps that you sign my guestbook
It helps give me that little bit of encouragement to keep all this going.

Personalised Award
*Note*: This is the hardest award to win. Your page has to have the X factor in it.

Bringer of Joy Love Peace Award
This award is for inspirational homepages with a real heartwarming purpose.

Award For Originality
Only websites with original (DIY) themes, backgrounds, pictures etc. need apply.

Award For Website Excellence
This is for websites which (excuse my French) kick ass!

So, you think your site fulfills the standards and is good enough to recieve an award? Alright then, scroll below and fill out the submission form for your homepage OR vote for someone else's.

Please allow me at least one week to process your submission forms. Awards will be given via email, so if you cannot recieve attachments, please inform me in the 'Why do you think you deserve an award?' If your browser does not show this application form, click here send an email with all the information below.



Title of the site:

URL of the site:

Which award do you wish to obtain?

Where are you from:

How did you find this site:

Comments/Description of site

Click here to go to my cabinet of awards this homepage has obtained.

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