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"There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors, and no slave who has not had a king among his." - Helen Keller
Nichol Family Reunions

The descendents of Hugh and Mary Ann Nicholl hold a family reunion every four years (the year before the winter olympics).

2009 Nichol Family Reunion
(June 26-28, 2009)

Hi to all the fun-seeking Nichol Clan. Our 2009 Nichol Reunion will be held on Vancouver Island from Friday June 26th to Sunday June 28th. Four years ago Jim and Bev Ellison (14494) and their Alberta helpmates showed us the wonders of Calgary. In 2001 Marlene (12331) and Byron Baker, along with Leonard (12332) and Diane Nichol gave us the train ride through the redwoods of California. This year Deanna Robb (13414) and her crew are offering us the pleasure of visiting with our cousins at Vancouver Island, the flower of British Columbia.

As you know the Winter Olympic Games will be held in Vancouver in early 2010. Now you’ll be able to watch them on TV and say, “I was there last summer for the Nichol Reunion.” You can even check out the Olympic sites (sights) when you come for our reunion. A letter from Deanna is displayed below.

A Letter From Deanna Robb (13414)

2005 Nichol Family Reunion

The 2001 reunion was held July 13-15 at the Turner Valley Hell's Half-Acre Camp Ground & Community Hall near Calgary.

The reunion was hosted by Jim & Bev Ellison (14494) and their children James, Kody, Keith & Derek. The Ellisons' brought the reunion into the computer age by using the internet for their substantial communications and spreadsheets for updating the family-tree.

You can see photos of the "cousins" that attended the Calgary Reunion by clicking on each of the following:
  1. Descendants of Robert S. Nichol (#134)
  2. Descendants of Hugh Nichol III (#134)
  3. Descendants of John (son of Hugh) Nichol (#134)
  4. Descendants of James Nichol (#138)
  5. Descendants of Henry Nichol (#144)
  6. Descendants of Samuel Nichol (#145)

Other Photos Taken at the 2005 Reunion

X made this year's lovely quilt and it was won by Y.

Priscilla held "Chickenfeet Court"

"The Band Played On" (X, Y & Z were great)

2001 Nichol Family Reunion

Felton, CA
The 2001 reunion was held July 13-15 at Henry Cowell State Park in Felton, CA. It was hosted by Marlene and Byron Baker (12331), and Leonard and Diane Nichol (12332). They were ably assisted by Rebbeca and Stephan Spencer (123311) and Dave and Jerri Baker (123312). Also, Jim Ellison was in charge of the breakfast and whistle making, and Prisilla Mathews led the crafts. About 80 cousins, from Alaska to Florida, attended.
One of the highlights of the reunion was a train ride through the Redwoods into Santa Cruz. We Nichol's had an entire car (as shown in the picture on the right).
At each reunion a quilt is made that has a square that represents every family. It is then raffled off. Priscilla Mathews (12312) made this year's beautiful quilt and it was won by Julia Finlay (13422).

Train Ride to Santa Cruz

A Couple of Photos Taken at the 2001 Reunion

Pat Nichol (13333), Joyce Denham (13453) and Florie Nichol (1455)

Deanna Robb (13414) and Ken Nichol (13333)

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