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"To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots." - Alexander Solzhenitzyn

John Nichol (Family Number 14)

John and Mary
John was born in County Antrim, Ireland in 1841. He followed his brothers to America in about 1862. In 1870 John married Mary Vance in Warwick, Ontario. Mary was born in Ireland and lived about 12 miles from the Nichol's over there. John, Mary and their three small children joined John's brothers in Manitoba in 1879. To get from Ontario to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba they had to traveled by rail, then by river boat and finally by ox cart. Unlike his brothers, John and Mary stayed in Portage la Prairie rather than relocate to Dakota Territory.

The remainder of this page contains:

  1. John's family in the 1881 Canadian Census
  2. John's family in the 1901 Canadian Census
  3. Some Information about Florie Nichol (#1455)

John Nichol Family (#14) in 1881 Canadian Census
Census Place: Portage,Marquette, Manitoba, Canada

Name Rel. to Head Sex Marital Status Age Ethnic Origin Birthplace Religion Occupation
John Nichol Head M M 35 Irish Ireland Presbyterian Farmer
Mary Wife F M 34 Irish Ireland Presbyterian -
William Son M S 7 Irish Ontario Presbyterian -
John Son M S 5 Irish Ontario Presbyterian -
Henry Son M S 3 Irish Ontario Presbyterian -
Samuel Son M S 1 Irish Manitoba Presbyterian -

John Nichol Family (#14)in 1901 Canadian Census
Province - Man., District - MacDonald, Subdistrict - Portage la Prairie

1 Name John Nichol Mary Nichol Samuel E. Nichol John Nichol*
2 Sex M F M M
3 Color W W W W
4 Relation to Head Head Wife Son Head
5 Marital Status M M S S
6 Month of Birth May 18 Nov 28 May 23 Sept 1
7 Year of Birth 1842 1844 1880 1875
8 Age, Last B-day 58 56 20 25
9 Place of Birth Ireland Ireland Manitoba Ontario
10 Yr to Canada 1863 1850 - -
11 Yr. of Naturalization - - - -
12 Racial Origin Irish Irish Irish Irish
13 Nationality Canadian Canadian Canadian Canadian
14 Religion Presbyterian Presbyterian Presbyterian Presbyterian
15 Trade or Prof. Farmer - Farmers Son Farmer
27 Read Yes Yes Yes Yes
28 Write Yes Yes Yes Yes
29 Speak English Yes Yes Yes Yes

* John the younger had his own land. He is not included with his parents in the original census data.

Florie Nichol (Family Number 1455)

Florie was born 11 Feb 1913 on the family farm 2 1/2 miles north of the village of Bagot, Manitoba. She attended elementary school in the one-room schools of Bagot and also the Mountain View School near Neepawa. Florie attended high school in Bagot along with the Portage Collegiate Institute in Portage la Prairie. She then received a diploma from the Success Business College in Winnipeg, went to work for a law firm, and later worked for the Department of National Defense. In 1959 Florie started nurses' training at Brandon General Hospital and graduated as a RN in 1962. She worked at Brandon General until moving to Calgary in order to work in the New Born Nursey of Foothills General Hospital.

Florie got interested in genealogy when she was in nursing school. She had an assignment in her sociology class to trace her ancestors back as far as she could. Later Florie's interest got a big boost when she was contacted by Marlene Baker (#12331). Marlene, who is in the "Robert Nichol line" was also compiling Nichol genealogy. Florie and Marlene have since colaborated, along with Marlene's publisher-husband Byron, to produce the "Nichol Book" that most of you are familiar with.

Florie has visited the Ahoghill area of Northern Ireland, where the Nicholl family resided before coming to North America. She has also visited many relatives, especially those in Washington County, NY, where the the family first settled on this side of the Atlantic. The picture on the right shows a younger Florie with some of her Nichol cousins as they explored a cemetary in Washington County.

Helen Cushing (1181), Florie (1455), Ada Eastgate (1331) and Ethel Durfee (1142)

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