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"The Lord says: 'Stand at the crossroads and look at the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.'" - Jeremiah 6:16

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			Nichol Time Line
Date		Event
1800       Hugh Nicholl(1) was born (Died 23 Aug 1888 in Portage la Prairie,
	   Man., Can.)  

18XX       Hugh Nicholl(1) married Mary Ann McKay (Mary Ann died 27 Jan 1892 
           in Portage la Prairie)

12Aug1832  Robert Nichol(12) was born in County Antrim, Ireland (Died 16 Jun 
           1919 in Souris, Bottineau Co., ND) 

12Nov1838  Hugh II (13) was born in County Antrim, Ireland. (Died 17 Mar 
           1928 in Bottineau, Bottineau Co., ND) 

18May1842  John (14) was born in County Antrim, Ireland (Died 29 Dec 1932 
           in Portage la Prairie, Man., CA)

c1860	   Robert, Hugh II and John Nichol came to America (The other 
           members of the family, including parents, came later.) Robert 
           and Hugh settled in Salem N.Y. and engaged in the flax industry, 
           which at that time was one of the leading industries of 
           Washington County, New York. John worked in dentistry and 
           later in leather goods manufacturing.

1866       Robert, Hugh II and John went to Belmont, Ontario, Canada, where 
           they again engaged in the flax industry. They were very 
           successful until 1879 where they lost their business due to fire.

22Jun1869  Robert (12) married Jennie Salisbury at London, Ontario, Canada.

15Mar1870  Hugh II (13) married Marie McKellar in Belmont County, Ontario.

1870       John Nichol(14) married Mary Vance of County Warwick, Ontario, CA

1871       Listed in Ontario Census:
1. Robert Nichol, Age-30, Dorchester, Elgin, South Twp., BP-Ire., Occ.-Flax
2. Hugh Nichol,   Age-25, Dorchester, Elgin, South Twp., BP-Ire., Occ.-Flax
3. Hugh Nichol,   Age-47, , Perth, Mornigton Twp., BP-Ire., Occ.-Farmer
4. John Nichol,   Age-26, , Lambton, Bosanquet Twp., BP-Ire., Occ.-Flax

1878       Nichol families moved from Ontario to Rapid City, Manitoba,
           on Government land on the banks of the Little Saskatchewan River

1883       The village originally known as "Oak Creek", renamed "Bottineau"

4Nov1884   Bottineau was selected as county seat over Willow City and the 
           property of C. Garrison (in Amity Township).

1885       Robert J. Nichol (12) listed in 1885 Dakota Territory census. He 
           was listed as  31 years old, living in Bottineau County and his 
           Nativity was Canada.

1884       Hugh II (13) and Robert Nichol (12) settled on Government land in 
           Bottineau County. They took three government claims amounting 
           to 480 acres each, on which they lived five years, when the 
           government gave them a clear deed. Nearest railroad station in 
           Devil's Lake. John (14) stayed in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, 
           along with his family and his parents. The parents wished to 
           remain under the British flag.

1887       Great Northern Railroad reaches Bottineau.

Jan1887    The winter of the Blue snow. The coldest month in the memory of 
           any man (white or red) in ND history                            

1885       North Dakota admitted to union as 39th state (S. D. was 40th)

23Aug1888  Hugh Nicholl(1) died 23 Aug 1888 in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba  

6Nov1889   Bottineau County selected as site for State School of Forestry 
           (opened in 1906)

1892       Samuel McKay Nichol (131) homesteaded in Peabody township (He was 
           21 years old). Hugh III later homesteaded in Oak Valley Township.

23Mar1892  Samuel M. Nichol executed 1st Naturalization papers.

30May1896  Hugh Nichol III (133) executed 1st Naturalization papers.

7Nov1902   Thos. Blair Nichol (121) defeated in his attempt to become 
           the Register of Deeds for Bottineau County.

25May06    David Walker Nichol (125) left for Halbrite, Sask. to break 
           in his new homestead.

c1906      John (134), William (137) and James (138) moved to Saskatchewan/
           Alberta to take homesteads.

16Apr09    Thos. B. Nichol (121) bought a new auto for his meat market. He 
           will have no trouble delivering meat all over the county.

15Oct09    Halley's Comet was visible again after 75 years.

c1913	   Robert S. Nichol (123) invented a Traction Wheel Scraper.

c1914      David Nichol (125) and family moved to Colorado.

1914       S. M. Nichol (131) was elected County Commissioner.

Feb1918    John Nichol (134) makes "Splendid Gift" to Red Cross in 
           support of War effort.

15Nov18    Bottineau celebrates armistice that ends World War I. 

c1919      Thomas Nichol (121) and family moved to Devils Lake ND.

1921       Robert S. (123) and Bella moved their family to Tulare, CA. 
           They were the first Nichol's to move permanently to Calif.

17Nov22    S. M. Nichol (131) elected Sheriff of Bottineau County.

c1930      T. B. Nichol (121) and family moved to Indiana.

22Sep77	   Henry (Harry) Nichol (144) celebrated his 100th birthday.

2001       Columbia University's Teachers College named its Advanced 
           Teacher Training Center after Doris (Nichol) Dillon (13334).

9Feb03	   Helen (Ralston) Cushing (1181) celebrated her 100th birthday.

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