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"Not to know what happened before we were born is to remain perpetually a child. For what is the worth of a human life unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?" - Cicero (106 - 43 BC)

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Hugh Nicholl (Family Number 1)



Hugh and Mary Ann Nicholl



This Web Site is devoted to the descendants of Hugh Nicholl (Nichol) and Mary Ann McKay. Hugh was born in 1799 or 1800; presumably at Ahoghill, County Antrium, Northern Ireland. Ahoghill is about 3 miles from Ballymena, which was the linen center of the world at that time. Hugh, whose parents are unknown, spelled his surname with two "l's." All of his three sons dropped one "l" after immigrating to America. Therefore, "Nichol" is the surname carried on by the family. Hugh was a weaver of linen.

Mary Ann was also born in 1799 or 1800 and was the daughter of Robert McKay (originally from Argyle, Scotland) and Jane Kilpatrick (from Braid, Scotland).

Their Children and Later Descendants

Hugh and Mary Ann had eight children, three sons and five daughters. A pedigree chart** for the first two generations after Hugh and Mary is shown directly below. Additional generations of Hugh and Mary's descendants may be obtained by by clicking on the respective third-generation names listd in blue on the right side of the chart.

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**This chart, the Family Numbering System, and many of the photos were obtained from Marlene Nichol Baker (Family #12331) & Florie Nichol (#1455) and described in their book "Nichol Genealogy."

First Three Generations of the Hugh Nichol (Nicholl) Family
(Click as instructed below for further generations)

Generation 1Generation 2Generation 3
|111 Marg. WINNING
|112 Mary A FOSTER
|113 Nan BODY
________________|114 Kate FOSTER
|11 Sarah RALSTON|115 Elizabeth ROSS
|------ (1832 - 1904)|116 James II (Jim)
||117 Jeanette WEIR
||118 George Henry
|119 Albert 
||121 Thomas Blair -----Click Here For Tomm's Descendants
||122 Annie MACK -----Click Here For Anniies's Descendants
|------|123 Robert S. -----Click Here Forr Robert's Descendants
|12 Robert NICHOL --|124 Agnes EMDE -----Click Here For Agnees' Descendants
|------ (1833 - 1919)|125 David Walker -----Click Here For Daviid's Descendants
||126 Mae DUNBAR -----Click Here For Mae''s Descendants
||127 Etta
||128 Elgin Ray. -----Click Here For Elgiin's Descendants
-- (1800 - 1888)|_________________
||131 Samuel McKay
||132 Catherine CAMERON
||133 Hugh III -------Click Here FFor Hugh III's Descendants
||134 John ------Click Here For Johhn's Descendants
|13 Hugh NICHOL II --|135 Donald
|------ (1838 - 1928)|136 Margaret
||137 William -----Click Here For Willliam's Descendants
||138 James -----Click Here For Jamees' Descendants
||139 Edith TAUMAN
||141 Hugh
||142 William -----Click Here For Willl's Descendants
|14 John NICHOL ---|143 John Jr. -----Click Here For John's Descendants
|------ (1841 - 1932)|144 Henry (Harry) -------Click Here For Heenry's Descendants
||145 Sameul Ezekiel -------Click Here For SSam's Descendants
|15 Mary KERNAHN
|------ (1843 - ?)________
||161 Will
||162 Hugh
||163 Art
|16 Eliz. GRAHAM--|164 Ann
|------ (1847 - ?)|165 Dan
||166 Howard
||167 Jennie
||168 Libby
|17 Nancy WALKER
|18 Rachel STORMS

Coming to North America

The three sons; Robert (Family Number 12), Hugh II (13) and John (14); decided to immigrate to America. John and Hugh came first and continued to live the rest of their lives in close proximity. John tried his wings later and remained somewhat independent of his brothers. The Table below displays the approximate emigration patterns of the three brothers.

The American Migration of the Nichol Brothers
Location Robert & Hugh John
New York City - 1862-1864
Washington Co. (NY) 1860-1867 1864-1867
Lambton Co. (ON) - 1867-1873
Belmont (ON) Area 1867-1878 1873-1879
Portage la Prairie (MB) 1878-1880 1879-Life's End
Rapid City (MB) 1880-1885 -
Bottineau (ND) 1885-Lifes' End -

By 1864 all three had settled near Salem and Cambridge in Washington County, N. Y. The sisters soon followed. Robert and Hugh II operated a flax mill while John worked in dentistry and leather goods.

It is not known whether their parents immigrated to New York or waited until the sons moved to Canada.

In 1867 the three Nichol brothers moved to Ontario. They ended up in Belmont, ON (about eight miles east of London). There, they once again built a flax mill. It is assumed that the parents, Hugh I and Mary Ann, joined their sons from Ireland sometime between 1866 and 1871. All three brothers married and started families while in Ontario.

In 1878 the brother lost their flax mill by fire. Robert and Hugh then moved to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. John and his family followed a year later. As shown in the table, Robert, Hugh and their respective families later moved to Rapid City, MB and Bottineau, ND.

Sarah (Family Number 11) married James RALSTON in Ahoghill (1848) and settled in Salem, NY in 1866. James worked in the flax mill with the Nichol brothers. He and Sarah later moved to North Adams, MA in 1892, where they lived out their lives.

The other four daughters were Mary (15), Elizabeth (16), Nancy (17), and Rachel (18). Other than the fact that Elizabeth's baptism (on 4 April 1847) is recorded at Ahoghill Presbyterian Church, very little is known about them or their offspring.

Contents of this Web Site

This web site presents the activities of Hugh and Mary Ann's descendents. It includes:
  1. Information about the first four branches of the family (Sarah, Robert, Hugh II and John).
  2. A family time-line.
  3. Information about Nichol reunions.
  4. Some information about the places where the early Nichol's lived.
All of these activities can be navigated to by clicking on the tabs shown on the bottom of this page. These tabs are also on the top of most pages.

Purpose of this Web Site

The purpose of the site is to keep you informed about your Nichol family. It should:
  1. Help all of us take pride in our ancestry.
  2. Help you keep in touch with your relatives more often than than just during the reunion years.
  3. Aid unknown relatives to get in touch with us.
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Please send your comments and suggestions . Also, let me know anyone we may not have included on Hugh and Mary's descendant lists. I could also use a little help with my spelling! Thank you for your support and encourageement. I hope to see you at the 2009 reunion in Vancouver (God willing!).- Ken Nichol

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