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This page is devoted to official Dylan films and TV appearances 1963-2007. The first part is about new releases and the second part is about old TV & film performances.


UNCUT reports that a new Dylan record, �Re-Transmissions� is released on March 3, 2008 and is only available in Britain. It includes Dylan's sets from Saturday Night Live in 1979, 1985�s Farm Aid and the Grammy Awards in 1991. The compilation, which comes with a 72-page CD-sized book, also features a historic 1990 hook-up with The Byrds on a version of 'Mr Tambourine Man'.
The tracklisting is as follows:

�Gotta Serve Somebody� (Saturday Night Live, 1979)
�I Believe In You� (Saturday Night Live, 1979)
�When You Gonna Wake Up� (Saturday Night Live, 1979)
�I�ll Remember You� (Farm Aid, 1985)
�Maggie's Farm� (Farm Aid, 1985)
�Mr Tambourine Man� (with The Byrds, 1990)
�Masters Of War� (Grammy Awards, 1991)
�It's Alright Ma (I�m Only Bleeding)� (30th Anniversary Concert, 1992)
�My Back Pages� (30th Anniversary Concert, 1992)
�All Along The Watchtower� (Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, 1995)
�Seeing The Real You At Last� (Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, 1995)
�Highway 61 Revisited� (Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, 1995)

The album is released on the Storming Music label - it is not known whether they have co-operated with Dylan's record label Columbia on the release.

Bob Dylan News Conference To Be Released on DVD
(New York) - Bob Dylan is such an icon even a press conference he did nearly 40 years ago is worthy of your scrutiny. A 50-minute press conference Dylan did in a San Francisco TV studio in 1965 is being released on DVD. At the time, Dylan had already released "Bringing It All Back Home" and "Highway 61 Revisited." The footage is in black and white and the sound is in mono, but it captures Dylan's tendency to toy with reporters. "Dylan Speaks: The 1965 Press Conference In San Francisco" will be released in October 2006.

Please notice: I changed once again the video link (this was 3rd time!) and now it should be even better source and for bonus you get SIX other Dylan videos! Enjoy!

CLICK HERE TO SEE WHEN THE DEAL GOES DOWN plus six other Dylan videos!

Directed by Bennett Miller (Capote), Bob Dylan's nostalgic new video for "When the Deal Goes Down" (from Bob's latest, Modern Times, released this week), features a montage of old-timey, shaky-as-shit home videos starring a 1950s-looking Scarlett Johansson. She frolics, she fishes, she feels the wind in her hair...

The FESTIVAL was released on DVD in October 2005. Below you can find some information about this interesting DVD:

"Long before it became inextricably linked with Bob Dylan's infamous "electric" performance, the Newport Folk Festival was the premier event of the burgeoning 1960s music scene. The brainchild of Newport Jazz Festival founder, George Wein, and his business partner, Albert Grossman (who later went on to manage Dylan), Newport introduced the world to a then-unknown folk singer named Joan Baez and nurtured the talents of more established artists such as Donovan, Pete Seeger, Johnny Cash, Judy Collins, and Peter, Paul and Mary. Veteran music director Murray Lerner presents a collection of archival footage from four of Newport's '60s-era festivals featuring these and many other legendary musicians for a vital historical document of an American cultural institution."


1. Jim Kweskin & the Jug Band with Mel Lyman - "Hannah" / 2. Peter, Paul and Mary - "If I Had a Hammer" / 3. Sacred Harp Singers - "Rocky Road" / 4. Georgia Island Sea Singers - Traditional Spiritual / 5. Blue Ridge Mountain Dancers - Clog Dance / 6. Tex Logan and the Lily Brothers - "Black Mountain Rag" / 7. Pete Seeger - "Green Corn" / 8. Buffy Sainte-Marie - "Codeine...and it's Real" / 9. Pete Seeger - "Deep Blue Sea" / 10. Odetta - "Lordy, Lordy" / 11. Joan Baez and Pete Yarrow - "Go Tell Aunt Rhody" / 12. Joan Baez - "Mary Hamilton" / 13. Bob Dylan - "All I Really Want to Do" / 14. Joan Baez - "All Our Trials" / 15. Peter, Paul and Mary - "Blowin' in the Wind" / 16. Donovan - "And the War Drags on" / 17. Judy Collins - "Turn, Turn, Turn" / 18. Donovan - "Viet Nam, Your Latest Game" / 19. Odetta - "Just Can't Keep from Cryin'" / 20. Peter, Paul and Mary - "Times They are a Changin'" / 21. Fred McDowell - "Highway 61" / 22. Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry - "Keys to the Highway" / 23. Mississippi John Hurt - "Candy Man" / 24. Bob Dylan - "Maggie's Farm" / 25. Ed Young Fife and Drum Corps - Instrumental / 26. Swan Silvertones - "Freed Me, Jesus" / 27. Staple Singers - "Help Me, Jesus" / 28. Freedom Singers - "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn me Round" / 29. Fannie Lou Hamer - "Go Tell it on the Mountain" / 30. Freedom Group Finale with Odetta - "We Shall Overcome" / 31. Paul Butterfield Blues Band - "I Was Born in Chicago" / 32. Son House - "Son House Blues" / 33. Howling Wolf - "You Hear Me Howling Early in the Morning" / 34. Mimi and Dick Farina - "Pack up Your Sorrows" / 35. Spokes Mashiyane - Flute Instrumental / 36. Cousin Emmy - "Cheek Slapping" / 37. Theodore Bikel - "Russian Song" / 38. Judy Collins - "Anathea" / 39. Johnny Cash - "I Walk the Line" / 40. Osborne Bros. - "Ruby" / 41. Joan Baez - "Farewell Angelina" / 42. Bob Dylan - "Mr. Tambourine Man" / 43. Peter, Paul and Mary - "Rising of the Moon" / 44. Group Finale with Baez, Odetta and Seeger - "Down by the Riverside"

The creation of this film has been a mysterious, tortuous process. At its heart is a long � apparently 10 hours in total � interview with Dylan conducted by Jeff Rosen, his manager. Other interviews, with friends, collaborators and fellow artists, were also conducted by Rosen. There is also a vast amount of previously unseen archive material, including, crucially, extracts from 60 hours of film of his 1966 tour of Britain owned by Dylan himself. Scorsese does not seem to have met Dylan throughout the process. Instead, he has made a collage of all these elements. The result is a story told partly by Dylan and partly about him.

Below you can read a review, especially written for Slow Train. This time it's written by Vernon Briscoe, who is a wonderful guy! Enjoy the text....

No Direction Home

First of all, Dylan fans can relax: the mystery remains intact. Martin Scorsese puts Dylan�s 1960s journey from scrap of a thing to world-beating colossus, under the microscope for almost four hours and we learn much about Dylan without losing the mystique. What we do not get is a confessional or a series of astonishing revelations from Dylan. We do not get �answers� but we do get to see the humanity of the man. We get his thoughts on what happened at this most turbulent of times and we get to see the pressures and coercions he had to sweep aside in order to keep following his muse. This is crucial for reasons I will go into later.

The film traces the well-known story with a fabulous lightness of touch. Most of those interviewed, most interestingly Joan Baez, emerge as sympathetic to the subject and mostly very fond of him. Interview footage with the present day Dylan is cut with hours of unseen footage. The footage is just incredible. You feel as if you are on stage with Dylan and the Band as the chaos unfolds, we see Dylan at Newport and in countless scenes of close-up performance from his �protest� period.

Reaction to the film has been interesting. It certainly has caused a huge stir here in England. People who are not Dylan fans are coming up to me constantly and saying how amazed they are by the film. They say they did not realise what Dylan was up against and most of them are delighted to find him funny and charming.

This is the humanity of which I spoke earlier. A film like Don�t Look Back did not offer this view of Dylan. In that piece he came across as angry and savage. Scorsese�s film shows him to be vulnerable and incredibly brave as he faces the hostile crowds angry at his electric conversion. In one amusing exchange he is faced by some fans who demand his autograph. He says, 'No.' They insist. He says, 'You don't need it. If you needed it I would give it to you.' The integrity of the man in stunning. He never courts popularity or goes for the easy option. Time and again the film shows this steely resolve but tempers it by showing the pressures Dylan was under to play the game and answer the foolish questions. Then we cut to a stunning Visions of Johanna or Chimes of Freedom and it is clear that Dylan is reserving his attention and energy for the music rather than the thousand and one distractions surrounding him.

I feel very strongly that the film, by removing the unapproachable image of the man, will bring many to Dylan and thereby to a world of exploration.

Curiously, for the final section of the film, as we build towards the earth-shattering cry of �Judas� the modern day Dylan narrator slips away. There is no final summation offered from Dylan now. While we watch his younger self screaming Like A Rolling Stone into the void the man himself makes his drifter�s escape.

The film ends with the apocalyptic surge of Rolling Stone and the credits roll. It all seems to be over in a flash.

I can find no fault with this film; it connects on many different levels and will beguile in different ways those who pay it attention. There are some who gripe that Ramblin� Jack Elliot was left out or that Robbie Robertson was not interviewed but these are trifles. The truth is that Scorsese has delivered the Dylan we all know and love to the big screen. At last people can see for themselves what this unique man has in the way of charm, wit and modesty. The music, of course, speaks for itself.

No Direction Home is an absolute triumph.

Vernon Briscoe
England, Sept 2005

More information about this wonderful week you can find from here: BBC Dylan Link (link found by Maria Winquist & Ilpo Musto)

NO DIRECTION HOME will be shown first time in Europe on September 19, 2005 at London's National Film Theatre. It will also be shown in Toronto. Here are the direct links:Toronto Link and London link. They're showing other Dylan related films too and to get information about them, use this link:London Screenings. Those who can't get there can order the DVD (region 2) that should be available by October 3, 2005.

Martin Scorsese's fest entry "No Direction Home: Bob Dylan," which clocks in at almost four hours, will get a theatrical run courtesy of Gotham-based indie Emerging Pictures. Plan is to roll out the pic digitally in 30 cities nationwide before its skedded TV and homevid debut later this month. The film however will not screen for the full week making it ineligible for Oscar consideration. Screenings, which run the week of Sept. 20, will be free of charge to the public on a first-come basis. Pic is being released on DVD via Paramount Home Video on the same date. Emerging, which operates a consortium of digital projection theatres, was co-founded by Ira DeutchmanIra Deutchman, Barry Rebo and Giovanni Cozzi. Dylan project marks an expansion of Emerging's burgeoning digital cinema model: Company released the Burns docu in just 10 markets. Dylan docu is screening in Toronto's Masters section on Sept. 17.

Thirteen/WNET will subsequently air "Home" as part of its "American Masters" series, in two parts, on Sept. 26 and 27. Pic was created through Spitfire Pictures, Grey Water Park Prods., Sikelia Prods., Vulcan Prods., BBC and NHK.

"Home" follows Dylan's life and music from 1961 through 1966. The Bob Dylan Archives made available to Scorsese rare Dylan footage, including excerpts from Murray Lerner's "Festival," which captured perfs at the 1963, 1964 and 1965 Newport Folk Fests. Also included are previously unreleased outtakes from D.A. Pennebaker's "Don't Look Back," as well as interviews with Allen Ginsberg, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez and others.

Pic is one of a number of Dylan projects coming to the fore, which include Todd Haynes' star-studded, unconventional bio of the seminal songwriter "I'm Not There."

OLD FILMS & TV performances

I found this listing project too complicated to do, so at the moment I have rejected it. Maybe in future I'll do this, but in the meantime, if you want information about old Dylan films & tv performances, go to TV TALKING pages, they are great!



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