The accumulated amount of Dylan book titles is staggering: about 300 Dylan books have been published during the last 40 years!!! Here you can get information about some of these books, but Dear Lord not about every write about all of them would be a task for a lifetime :)

The first part of this page is about GENERAL Dylan book news, the second part news about NEW Dylan books and the third part news about OLD Dylan books.


BOB DYLAN was stunned when critics applauded his book CHRONICLES, VOLUME 1 - because he believes they really knew what they're talking about. The HURRICANE superstar has never taken music reviews all that seriously, but he felt proud of himself when book experts were more than kind about his memoirs. Dylan says, "Most people who write about music, they have no idea what if feels like to play it, but, with the book I wrote, I thought, 'The people who are writing reviews of this book, man, they know what the hell they're talking about.' "They know how to write a book, they know more about it than me. "The reviews of this book, some of 'em almost made me cry - in a good way. I'd never felt that from a music critic, ever."


Real Moments:
Photographs of Bob Dylan 1966-1974

by Barry Feinstein

This title wAS released on October 1, 2008. You can order it from Amazon com.

1. Bob Dylan: Complete Discography is another new interesting Dylan book, that will be released on October 24,2006. Here's the link:Brian Hinton's new book

2. Rough Guide to Bob Dylan 2 is a new Dylan book, that will be released on October 2, 2006. You can pre-order it from Amazon com.CLICK HERE

3. The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia is a new monumental book written by Michael Gray. It consists of over 2000 entries ranging between 250 and 3000 words. June 2006.

4. Bob Dylan, The Essential Interviews features 31 of the most significant and revealing conversations with singer. May 2006.

5. Bob Dylan Live in Canada, A Concert History 1962-2005 features information about all the concerts Dylan has played in Canada.

Finnish version of the Chronicles is now in the shops, but if you want get your copy be quick, because the publisher (WSOY) has sold out the first edition of the book. Here's the link: Dylanin Muistelmat Link (link found by Timo Hongisto)

Simon & Schuster has published this interesting new Dylan book on September 19, 2005 in UK. A hardback edition costs about �30.To get more information here's a direct link Scrapbook link
The Scrapbook CD has the following tracs:

01. Oscar Brand interview "Folk song Festival" Oct. 29 1961
02. Cynthia Gooding interview "Folksingers Choice" Jan. 13 1962
03. Allen Stone interview Oct. 24 1965
04. Martin Bronstein interview, Feb. 20 1966
05. Dylan: About his first interest in music - from No direction home (NDH)
06. Dylan: About entertainment in Hibbing, Minnesota - from NDH
07. Dylan: About meeting Woody Guthrie - from NDH
08. Dylan: About understanding folkmusic - from NDH
09. Dylan: About performing in the Greenwich Village clubs - from NDH
10. Dylan: About other artists - from NDH
11. Dylan: About recording and songwriting - from NDH
12. Dylan: About the reactions to "going electric" - from NDH
13. Dylan: About playing with a band - from NDH
14. Dylan: About fame - from NDH

I recieved today (19.9.05) THE BOB DYLAN SCRAPBOOK 1956-1966! It's BIG & HEAVY, but beautiful! The slipcase is orange with black and white text and one B&W cover photo. The interview CD is attached to the inside cover. The book has the following chapters:

04 Foreword
06 Introduction
08 The Early Years (chapter 1)
14 Talking New York (chapter 2)
22 The Times They Are A-Changin' (chapter 3)
34 Another Side Of Bob Dylan (chapter 4)
40 Bringing It All Back Home (chapter 5)
52 Blonde On Blonde (chapter 6)
60 Epilogue
62 Appendix
63 Image Credits

This is a really interesting and DIFFERENT book. There are "pockets" on many paqes and inside them you find tickets, programs, hand-written lyrics etc. For me the most impressive findings are the accurately copied hand-written lyric sheets. Some of these reproductions are so well done, that if they wouldn't be so new, one could almost believe them to be the orginal ones. Just look, touch and smell the Blowing in the Wind & It Ain't Me lyric sheets (yes, you read right the title, there is not the word 'Babe' on the hand-written text). They are not cheap photo copies, but much more refined "fakes"!


The first book about Dylan was published already in 1966. After that we have witnessed an ever growing "industry" of Dylan book publishing. Every year we get about 5-10 Dylan books. Some of them are essential, some of them are not. It's sometimes difficult to decide which books to buy or not to buy. If you read the advertisements they all claim that just THIS book is extremely essential, but of course that's not always so. And finally everything depends on what you expect to get of a Dylan book! There are those who want pure facts and those who want to read a good story. During the years I've noticed that superficial Dylan books get more readers and larger print numbers than dylanological books. It's understandable, because only those who know almost everything about Dylan are interested in books dealing with boring statistics about every performance and every song Dylan has ever played. Most people know very little about these things, so the general story and information about Bob Dylan is much more useable for them. So, judging a Dylan book is not an easy task to do, as you can read above.


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