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This photo was taken in Pori in 1977. Pori was my hometown at that time. Pori is world famous for it's Jazz Festival, that started already in 1966...

Here you see me almost 30 years ago! I wouldn't dare to put here my present photo :) But 1977 was a good year! I was listening to all kinds of rock music, mainly the UK acts. My main influences came from music period before punk rock. I don't remember when I first heard Bob Dylan in radio, but it must have been in the late sixties. In seventies I was actively listening to Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who, Cream, Free, Ten Years After, Canned Heat and many, many more! In 1978/1979 I listened to Dylan's Street Legal album and was impressed. I almost did travel to see his concert in Gothenburg in 1978, but that trip didn't realize, because I didn't have money enough! But luckily Bob came to Finland in 1987 and after that I've seen him live almost every year as you can read from my Concerts page.

I started writing about Bob Dylan actively in the beginning of ninties when I published a series of articles about Bob Dylan in the Finnish rock magazine RARE. Been writing about Bob since then. So, it has been quite a strange and exciting journey and because Bob is still going strong I'm continuing my habit. This Internet site is something new and odd for me and I'm glad that so many people have found their way to this small Dylan site.

Harri Huhtanen


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